Your ACL 2016 Playlist Guide: Artists you must see live


The Austin City Limits Music Festival 2009, Austin Texas, October 4, 2009.  The Austin City Limits Music Festival is an annual three-day music festival in Austin, Texas’s Zilker Park.


Get out your selfie sticks and portable chargers people; ACL is coming. On the weekends of September 30 to October 2, and October 7th to the 9th, hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world will fill Zilker Park to enjoy music, food, and portable bathrooms. No one has the same music taste, so here’s a compilation of some of the best songs from a variety of artists coming to Austin’s biggest fall event of the year.


Powerful – Major Lazer (Feat. Ellie Goulding & Tarrus Riley)

Major Lazer is an artist we’re all getting to know lately. From hits such as Lean On, to Cold Water, this group is on the radar for sure. When you’re feeling in the mood to rave, listen to Goulding’s smooth voice and imagine the light shows that will accompany Major Lazer’s set. Checking out this electronic group will surely end your Friday night on a energetic note!


Left Alone – Flume (Feat. Chet Faker)

This song will have you spinning in circles and is definitely going to open you up to Flume’s music.

This DJ is ready to make your night. Flume, straight out of Australia, is here to give you music that isn’t too pop or too loud, but very fun. His music will have you singing along to lyrics you didn’t even know.


Casual Party – Band of Horses

It’s Friday, you just got your paycheck, you’re finally out of school, and you’re ready for the weekend, all you need is the soundtrack: this is your song. If you decide to see Band of Horses at ACL, this song will have you dancing with a cup of Amy’s sweet cream ice cream, reminiscing summer days. This folk/rock group has songs for everyone, even if you don’t listen to rock.


Giants – Bear Hands

This band is exciting, young, and catchy, so get ready to be impressed. Giants is a song that will get you on your feet fast. Bear Hands is a rock group from Brooklyn, that’s ready to have fun with the crowd, but they’re also a band you could listen to as you stretch a picnic blanket on the ground and drink a coconut water, or two.


Salt – Bad Suns

Bad suns is an American Rock band from Seattle. Don’t let the song’s fun beats through you off – Salt is a multi-layered song that was written for a transgendered person who is struggling with their identity. The music video is an emotional rollercoaster, and stars Tamara Levinson, an actress best known from The Princess Diaries, and shows her transition from male to female. The band, formed 4 years ago, has a new album out called Disappear Here, definitely tune in if you like the song!


Carry Me – Kygo (Feat. Julie Michaels)

The definition of a pretty song. Kygo, a Norwegian DJ, is emerging out of the shadows for the first time. With his hit song, Stay, he is off to a strong start, and has a series of fun songs up his sleeve. There’s a song for everyone on his album, Cloud Nine. However, this song is fun and will instantly elevate your mood.


The Girl – City and Colour

City and Colour, real name Dallas Green, has been making music for 15 years. The Canadian based singer has released five albums, each very unique. Are you someone who enjoys cute love songs? This is the perfect melody for you. The Girl is a song that will make your heart feel warm inside. It’s a tune anyone can enjoy.


Punching in a Dream – The Naked and Famous

This is the one band that everyone has heard a song from, yet no one knows who they are. The Naked and Famous has been around for a while, and are very underrated. Punching in a Dream is a song to play when you need something to help you get on your feet again. This bouncy tune will be a fun song to dance to live, and the electronic beats of The Naked and Famous will keep you up all night.


Pity Party – Melanie Martinez

Thematic music fans, this is your time to jam out. Melanie Martinez’s album Cry Baby, focuses on a character named Cry Baby, and all of her songs are centered around childlike metaphors. Pity Party is about Cry Baby throwing a party and no one attending, resulting in an emotional breakdown. The synth-pop beat and Melanie’s voice will have you instantly in love.


Dance Yrself Clean – LCD Soundsystem

This pop-rock song, that’s playable any time of the day, starts off slowly, then builds up gradually. Be prepared, as many of LCD Soundsystem’s songs are long; this tune being a staggering 8 minutes and 52 seconds. But don’t you worry, this is music you could never get bored or tired of.


Mind Over Matter – Young the Giant

This song will bring you up on a rainy day. It’s happy melody and pop sound effects will make you want to dance. Young the Giant is a rock band best known for their song Cough Syrup, but are extremely underrated. Mind Over Matter proves that they have more than just one good song, and will definitely be a band to check out.


Honey & I – Haim

The three girls’ smooth vocals in this song, mixed with the relaxed melody will make you smile. This sister act has a unique sound that is the perfect music to chill out to at ACL. With gentle guitar, empowering lyrics, and the group’s voices, seeing Haim live is a band you and your friends can jam to


Wide Eyes – Local Natives

This band’s vibe is chill, so forget your rave outfits and protective gear. Wild Eyes is a song for a good day, a song to listen to when you can’t stop smiling, and definitely one to sing along to.

Sit back, enjoy the indie music and buy some overpriced food. This is your break during ACL, but not nap time. The Local Native’s music is good to listen to after partying hard to the headliners the night before.