Binge on More Than Candy: 10 Spooky Shows and Movies to Watch this October


Winona Ryder in the Netflix original series Stranger Things. Photo credit to Netflix.

There’s something about fall that makes people excited. For many it’s pumpkin spice lattes, for others it’s cozy sweaters and cool weather, but for some, the delicate hint of fall in the air means one things – Halloween. As many people in the world who look forward to this holiday for the entire year, here is a meticulously categorized list of some of the most popular TV shows and movies to get you into the October mood. Never fear, each show is rated by spookiness so you won’t have to sleep with the lights on if you don’t want to.


Scream: The TV Series

3.5/5 Spookiness

Where is it? Netflix, upcoming Halloween special on MTV


Scream: The TV Series, based off of the 1996 movie Scream, follows the mysterious murders of teenagers and their struggle to discover their town’s dark past. Mystery? Check. Serial killers? Check. Love and tragedy? Check. If you’re looking for a more teen-romance-novel-plus-murder kind of show, Scream is most definitely for you!


X Files

3/5 Spookiness

Where is it? Netflix


An iconic series focusing on less monsters and ghouls but more on aliens and mysterious circumstances! Beloved by many fans, a very popular series with the iconic pairing of Scully and Mulder. But beware, some episodes of this series are notorious for being pretty creepy! For those who want an older show, and for those who believe that the “truth is out there” – catch up with the X Files this October!


Stranger Things

3/5 Spookiness

Where is it? Netflix (a Netflix original series)


A newer series, Stranger Things has quickly become a kind of phenomenon with its lovable cast and supernatural plot. Who doesn’t love a gang of bike-riding, waffle-munching, mystery-solving kids? As the title implies, the show brings a perfect Halloween-ish atmosphere, another reason why it’s a top pick for October!


American Horror Story

4/5 Spookiness

Where is it? Netflix, with Season 6 currently on FX


A classic horror television show, American Horror Story has amassed fans for not only its quality, but the variety of plot and characters brought to each new season. Each with it’s own theme, seasons of AHS vary in creepiness and goriness – definitely not a pick for someone spooked easily. Caution aside, with short seasons AHS is easily finished in a few weeks!


Criminal Minds

2.5/5 Spookiness

Where to find it: CBS and Netflix


Technically not a monster or slasher show, but still a favorite of mine that fits with the Halloween spirit! Less jump-scare horror with (obviously) a mystery-oriented plot! The perfect FBI crime thriller for the milder Halloween enthusiast. A word of warning, however – there are nearly 11 seasons on Netflix, so get to watching!


The Addams Family

0/5 Spookiness

Where to find it: Netflix


This creepy and kooky movie (yes, the movie, not the TV show) features one of the most memorable Halloween characters of all time: Wednesday Addams. Sure, it’s not scary (mildly creepy, at best), but The Addams Family is a Halloween essential for anyone who wants to really get into the spirit!


Twilight Zone

1.5/5 Spookiness

Where to find it: Netflix


Especially eerie in black and white, the Twilight Zone has episodes varying from haunting to confusing to just plain weird. With no consistent storyline, each episode offers something completely different from the previous, whether it’s aliens, curses, or unfortunate luck. A great late-night binge watch for those who want a fright that won’t keep them up all night (hopefully)!



0/5 Spookiness

Where to find it: Netflix


Everyone loves a cheesy holiday movie. The only thing better than a cheesy Halloween movie: an entire cheesy TV series. Even if you don’t remember endlessly reading R.L Stine’s Goosebumps book series, the show is just as entertaining. A very laid back series dedicated not to scare factor as much as enjoying the Halloween season!


Scream Queens

1/5 Spookiness

Where to find it: Fox


More of a comedy than thriller, Scream Queens strikes a balance between satirical horror and an actual murder mystery. The overdramatic sorority drama in addition with a Scream-like plot adds to the already growing number of fans in the show’s following. Its highly anticipated second season has just started, so catch a few episodes before it’s over!


October is on it’s way, so settle back into your coffins and crypts, kick back, relax, and watch one of these shows (Or two. Or three.) for a little bit of spook in your step!