Ask Ann: No Freetime


Subject: No Free time
Dear Ann,
Lately I haven’t got any time on my hands for free time. I am always in afterschool clubs, doing homework, or being in school. All I have really are Saturdays. I need all the time I can get for homework, and I am getting tired of constantly working. Help!

Dear No Freetime,
 I know it can be tough and overwhelming at times, but one thing that helps me get through times like this is taking things one day at a time. I try not to focus on EVERYTHING I have to do all at once, or else I start to feel really stressed. One thing you can do is make a schedule for all the things you want to do, then once you start seeing that you are achieving those things you start to feel more accomplished. A good thing about going to this school is we have block scheduling, so we have two days to get our work done. Also take into consideration all the extra time we have in our day, where we can use it to get extra work done, such as advisory, in the mornings, or even after school. One thing about our school is we can always feel free to communicate to our teachers how we feel. If you feel like you are getting too much of a work load, you can talk to your teachers about it, and maybe they can even give you time in class to start your homework. If your clubs meet on multiple days of the week you can talk to club leader and explain to them that you need a few days off in order to catch up on your school work. Another thing you can do is MAKE TIME for just relaxing. Use those Saturdays as a time to re-energize, and hang out with your friends. An important thing to remember is make sure you make time to do the things you enjoy doing, whether it’s writing, watching TV, or laying in bed, you can’t neglect doing the things that make you happy.