Ask Ann: Undeserving Grade


Subject: Undeserving Grade
Dear Ann,

My teacher gave me a grade that I don’t agree with. I asked my mom and she doesn’t agree with the grade either. I want to talk to the teacher about it, but I have trouble talking to teachers that I don’t really get along with. What should I do?


Dear Anonymous,
If there is a grade you don’t agree with, then you shouldn’t feel afraid to talk to your teacher about it, especially if you feel you don’t deserve the grade you got. Your teachers are there to help you. It’s important to let your teacher know how you feel, or else they will never know.  When you do go to talk to your teacher he or she will appreciate it if you already have a plan in mind for how you will be able to bring up your grade. A positive for talking to your teacher about it, is they can give you insight for what you can do next time. Maybe you could even make some type of compromise with them, such as extra credit, or tutoring.