10 Things to do on Valentine’s Day when you have no date: A single’s guide for the popular day of love


Graphic showing images of Valentines candies shaped like hearts.

Elena Gonzalez, Staff Writer

               1. Binge-watch a tv show

                   If this is a no-date Valentine’s day, then it’s the perfect time to watch your favorite TV show, or start that new one you keep saying you’re going to watch but never do because of school. Below is a list of Netflix’ most watched TV shows for you to consider:

  • Daredevil
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
  • House of Cards
  • Game of Thrones
  • Orange is the New Black
  • Scandal
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • New Girl
  • The Walking Dead
  • Mad Men

            Maybe you’re not into watching what everyone else is watching, below is a list of the streaming service’s newest additions (TV shows and movies):

  • Chelsea Does
  • The Last Five Years
  • Hyde Park on Hudson
  • Training Day
  • House of Wax
  • Degrassi: Next Class
  • Pride and Prejudice
  • Frozen Planet
  • Moonwalkers
  • We Need to Talk About Kevin

             2. Go grocery shopping

                 While couples are out on dates, grocery stores are being fully stocked up as they usually are every evening. Why not take advantage of the short lines for those two registers that are always open at the grocery store you go to? Stock up on supplies, such as food, but more specifically, the discounted Valentine’s Day candy that’s still in stock. Get everything you need to be prepared for not only your Valentine’s day in binge-watching marathon, but your day off as well; Monday February 15th is a student holiday! Maybe even go a little crazy and stock up for the entire week!

             3. Go “you-shopping”

                 With no huge crowds at the mall, Valentine’s Day is a great time to go on a shopping trip for yourself. With the winter holidays over and done with, why not treat yourself to a fun day out? Go to the mall, take advantage of sales and enjoy the lack of crowds surrounding you.

             4. Treat yourself to something nice

                  Valentine’s Day has extra emphasis on showing your significant other you love them… why not show yourself a little love? Spread a positive self-love message and treat yourself to the things you’ve been wanting: chocolate, Netflix marathons, painting your nails, taking aesthetically pleasing Instagram posts, going on a Tumblr fest, the list goes on.

              5. Go for a run

                  While everyone is loading up on heart-shaped pizza, chocolates, and expensive steaks, go for a run and get the exercise they’re missing out on. Get on that six mile run you’ve been talking about running for the past two years. Or maybe you want to start off with half a mile–you’ve got to start somewhere.  Take some fast-paced steps where you’re occasionally levitating off the ground- or running as they call it- and be the one with the healthiest heart.

             6. Catch up on sleep

                 You don’t have anywhere to be, and if you’re looking to avoid love-sick couples, then stay in and drink lots of fluids such as chamomile tea to help you catch up on some much needed sleep. Sleep in until noon, or go to bed at 7:30, no one’s going to judge you if you’re well rested and ready to go on a Monday morning.

             7. Get work done

                 If you’re the productive type, then use your spare time to get things done. Clean the house, wash the dishes, write your two-thousand word essay, create your project PowerPoint, maybe even read a book. A dateless Valentine’s Day gives you some alone time to be as productive as you want; get ahead in life- others are going to wish they did the same.

             8. Hang out with friends

                 Plan a meet up with friends. There’s tons of Valentine’s Day specials that don’t require a date, so why not get a group of friends (or anyone you’re willing to spend time with) together and seek them out? Below is a list to help get you started:

  • Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf → Buy one get one free drinks (12 p.m.-close [closing time varies by location])
  • Shake Shack → Buy one get one milkshakes
  • Starbucks → Secret Valentine’s menu

The above three deals do suggest the free or secret item is for your significant other, but there’s no rules stating this as a requirement… so go for it!

Dairy Queen understands the concept of spending Valentine’s day date-less and are offering the deal below.

  • Dairy Queen → Single Blizzard Treat

                9. Work an extra shift

                    While people are out spending the money they’ve worked so hard for, find ways to make yourself some more. Take on an extra shift at work and turn a lazy day (though there’s nothing wrong with one) into a money-making one.

                10. Welcome happiness

                       There’s a well-known saying that says “a day above ground is a good one.” I challenge you to live and breathe it this Valentine’s day (and every day from here on out for that matter). There’s so much this world has to offer, so many experiences left to live, so many chances waiting to be taken. Go out and make some memories. You’ll look back at all of them fondly some day down the road.