Ask Ann Advice: Struggler


Name: Struggler
Question: Subject: School/work

Dear Ann,

School has been really hard. I told myself that when school started this year I would stay on top of things, but I have so many activities outside of school that it’s hard to get all my stuff done AND get a decent amount of sleep. Do you have any tips?

— Struggler


Dear Struggler,
Try to find a way to organize your time. Make sure you’re writing everything you need to do down in your agenda. Create a schedule for your homework and projects to help you stay on track. Try not to wait last minute to do your homework. Remember you can only take things a day at time, so when things become overwhelming just relax. Try doing something fun with your friends to let off steam. You can use those same friends to form a support group. In times when things start getting tough at school, I can’t stress how much easier things are when you have friends to help you.