Back to School: Whether You Like it or Not

Summer has come to a close, and school has started once again. It’s time to turn in your summer reading, and turn on your alarm clocks. Sure we may dread those first few weeks waking up before 12 o’clock, but think about what’s good. You can see a lot of your friends again, catch up and get to chat with teachers that you’ve missed. You can share what you did over the summer, and what you hope to accomplish this year. Every year we talk about how we want to change, and how we hope to see a difference in ourselves, and our community, but maybe this is the year to start. You can do everything from becoming more organized, to getting your service hours done in time.

We have lots of different events to look forward to this year such as Homecoming Week, Enviro-Fair, Fun Fest, field trips and dances! If you have a positive outlook on the school year from the very beginning, I guarantee your year will turn out a whole lot better then you ever expected!