Code and tie: Senator John Cornyn visits ARS, endorses female STEM education


Senator Cornyn discusses coding with Violet Villarreal (6). Photo by Keyla Blanco.

United States Senator and Majority Whip John Cornyn and his wife Sandy Cornyn visited the Ann Richards School on February 8 to meet with the sixth graders, who spent the morning learning to code from Google representatives. Aside from meeting with the Class of 2022, Senator Cornyn and Mrs. Cornyn received a tour and met with the local and ARS press.

“I felt more pressure with this one [tour],” senior tour guide and student council member Guiny Thomas said. ¬†“We were actually talking to him and there were more media and more people watching, so I felt more pressure with this tour. But I think it was fine. It went pretty good.”

After Thomas and members of the Polaris Press led the Senator on a tour, sixth grader Brissa De Avila introduced Cornyn to the sixth grade class.

“I practiced a lot with my mom. I counted and it was like 12 times before I could get it right,” De Avila said. “I was really sweaty. He shook my hand, and I tried to wipe the sweat off. I was shaking because‚Ķ some girls were telling me that I messed up a little bit… but I knew that with all the practice that I had, I would do good. I felt really good in the end.”

Cornyn walked around the cafeteria and discussed coding with the sixth graders for about twenty minutes.

“We coded hearts for Valentines that are going to be presented at The Thinkery,” sixth grader Cedar Toavs said.

Senator Cornyn was at Ann Richards for a total of an hour and five minutes before he left for Washington D.C.

Many of the sixth graders didn’t get to meet the Senator in person, but appreciated the experience.

“It was cool to see someone famous,” sixth grader Georgia Ringstaff said.