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A moment of reflection: How mindfulness practices have prepared me for life after high school

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A visitor stepping into the dark small gym, lit only by faint yellow Christmas lights strung on the ceiling, would be pleasantly surprised at the sight of one hundred or so students practicing yoga. However, eleven years ago–when Ann Richards was just in our beginning–the visitor would have been startled and speechless. Over the past…

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Take Care: 18 self-care tips for 2018

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Now that a new semester has begun some students are already feeling the stress and burden of going to school. Sometimes, when things get hectic in our lives we forget to take a step back and just focus on ourselves. In light of the new year, here are 18 tips to improve your self-care in…

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Opinions in limbo: Seniors and sixth graders reflect on yoga and Fitness Friday

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Middle schoolers run around during Fitness Friday. Photo by Emily Perez. We all know that one person who loves enjoying the serene environment of yoga once a week and being in the sunlight every Friday. But, we also know the person who wishes with all of their being that neither of these activities were in…

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