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A crippled nation: Venezuela’s political nation and economic turmoil

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Venezuela has been in state of crisis since April 2017. The country has been ravaged with civilian anti-government protests, which have been responded to violently by the Venezuelan military, resulting in many deaths.   Currently, President Nicolas Maduro and his United Socialist Party (PSUV) are the executive power. He succeeded the late Hugo Chavez, under…

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Swing and a hit

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As a coach, Mr. Ruiz is a jack of all trades. He coaches volleyball and while he may not coach basketball, softball, golf, baseball, or tennis he knows how to play all these sports and more. He took up golf when he found nothing “interesting to do” in the small town of Eagle Pass and…

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The Blanton Museum of Art exhibits Latin American design

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In English, ‘modern’, is a word synonymous with sleek, stylish, new. But, in Central and South America of the 1940s, the word ‘moderno’ was about more than looks– it symbolized the promise and freedom of the future. Spared from the ravages of the Second World War, many Latin American countries thrived in the 1940s after…

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