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The doctor’s out: Administration bans classic shoe

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Lily Yepez (12) in Doc Martens. Photo by Gus Flores-Rascon. In a romanticized version of our school, grey socks and chipped nail polish are a heroic act of disobedience against a uniform made by a tyrannical administration. In reality, we couldn’t find any clean socks in uniform, and we’ve picked off our nail polish while…

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New and uniform: Students adjust to uniform changes

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Students model the Ann Richards high school uniform, which includes black shoes and socks. This is different from the middle school uniform, which requires white shoes and white socks. The first day of school is a huge day of firsts for many, or changes for others. For most new students, it’s their first time wearing…

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Blending fall trends into the uniform

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For me, the school days blend together when it comes to style. I can’t blame Ann Richards- the plaid skirt and polo/oxford pairing is a classic standby, but it often doesn’t leave much room for style experimentation or the season’s latest trends. This season though, things are taking a positive turn for style starved students in uniform-…

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