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ACL 2019 Lineup Playlist

in Entertainment/Showcase by   As of April 30 the annual Austin City Limits lineup was released to the public. Headliners include Childish Gambino, The Cure, Guns N’ Roses, Tame Impala, Billie Eilish, Mumford & Sons, Cardi B (weekend one only), and Robyn (weekend two only). ACL is always a great opportunity to discover new artists, or to…

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Logging the hours: service opportunities for the summer

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If you find yourself struggling to finish your service hours during the school year, summer is a great time to get them out of the way. Here is a list of great service opportunities to take advantage of during the 3 month long break. Austin Pets Alive! APA is a great place to spend time…

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Music Forecast: Three playlists that correlate with the time and weather

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Ever listen to the wrong song on a rainy day, or turn on the radio and hear a song that just doesn’t fit in with the weather or time of day? Check out these newly released tunes whenever you need a playlist that fits in with your daily routine. Be sure to look on the…

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Looking for a snack: Simple summer recipes you can’t beet

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Summer is a time for fun in the sun with friends and family. When you find yourself hungry,  anxious for someone to make food, you can do it yourself with some of these easy recipes. Impress your parents and friends with your impeccable culinary skills.   Lavender Lemonade Ingredients: 1 cup honey 5 cup water…

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Making bank: Fun summer jobs for 16+ students in Austin

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Each year, a new group of students in high school becomes old enough to get summer jobs! The following fun and interesting jobs will help you get outside this summer, learn important skills, and get paid for it! Little Stars Camp: Every summer, Ann Richards holds a two week Little Stars camp for elementary students…

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Songs of the Summer: Melodies to help beat the heat

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With summer approaching, the time to wind down and relax is on the horizon. The summertime is meant for students to hang out outside of school, spend time in the sun, and jam to music. Here are some songs to listen to while you have fun under the sun! 1) Driving to Hawaii – Summer…

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Keepin’ up with the news: Tips and sources for staying updated during the summer

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When you think of summer, your first thoughts are probably not of spending your free days flipping through newspapers and browsing the internet for the latest stories. It’s enough to do your summer reading, updating yourself on what’s going on in the world might seem like a lot of extra work. However, staying up-to-date is…

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Nifty thrifting: Ten things you should know before you start thrifitng

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Clothing at Uptown Cheapskate, one of the top resale shops in Austin. Often times at resale shops you can negotiate prices with shops if you find significant damage. Photo by Becca Alonso. Thrifting: The act of visiting several thrift and resale clothes to find inexpensive, yet fashionable clothing. Thrifting seems to be a hot trend in…

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The Fervent Finland Expedition Week One: Observations, Saunas, and Giant Dandelions

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Moi from Finland! (or Suomi as they say in… well, Suomi!) I have now been in Finland for one week! Well, technically tomorrow will be one week since I arrived in Finland on Saturday. But today it’s officially one week since I left America. This week has been a blast and already an incredible experience,…

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