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Full bloom: Sixth graders finding leadership through gardening

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The 6th grade gardens are blooming and full of vegetables that are ready for consumption. This can be attributed to Ms. Carey Warner, who has been working to let the sixth graders make an impact. “As far as the green spaces in our campus go, they’re the leaders on our campus in that,” said Ms.…

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Lights, camera, color: Capturing student makeup looks

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For the month of February, the Polaris Press is producing weekly content approaching the idea of beauty from varying angles. This week, we bring you a photo gallery featuring fellow classmates in images that explore color and makeup. Click on the gallery to get started!

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Strumming along: Ukulele club booted up by members of the class of 2019

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Any given day at ARS you may hear the uplifting, tropical-sounding, in-sync strumming of ukuleles, most notably found by the library in the mornings. This band of ukulele players has created a ukulele club, practicing after school every other Tuesday. Founding member Isabella Baladez (11) began playing the ukulele because her role model, Rebecca Sugar,…

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Growing Pains: The class of 2024 completes their first month of 6th grade

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Transitioning from elementary to middle school is difficult for anyone. The end of elementary school can feel like the end of a childhood. You go from spending all day in the same classrooms with the same kids you’ve known for up to five years to being in an unfamiliar building with 800+ strangers and eight…

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Level up!: Austin teens spark change through theatre arts

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CLYTE wraps up their performance at the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired. Photo by Amelia Bagnaschi. The room is filled with hustle and bustle, sounds of laughter and comradely bouncing off of the walls. All collaboratively working to Change Lives. Together. Changing Lives Youth Theatre Ensemble, or “CLYTE”, is a partnership between…

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Breaking Bond: AISD to pass bond for renovations of Ann Richards

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Holes in the Ann Richards’ track seen during a STEM class in early May. Photo by Alexandra Lopez. 7:30 A.M. Athletes on the track team sprint on the compressed track, ignoring how it stains their shoe soles red and avoiding the places with gaps of missing rubber. 8:30 A.M. Students work on projects before school…

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You’ve been served: O’Reilly fired from Fox following sexual harassment lawsuits

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Photo of Bill O’Reilly during an interview by MyNewsLA Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly was fired after being accused of sexual harassment in the workplace less than a year after Roger Ailes left Fox with over 20 allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct at Fox News. Bill O’Reilly officially left Fox News on Wednesday April…

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The future starts today: Juniors interview for upcoming internships

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Vania Neri (11) works on her business cards during her STARS class. Photo by Yoselin Resendiz. On Wednesday, April, 19, the Ann Richards Class of 2018 were sent off to conduct annual Junior internship interviews. During this time, the juniors were partnered up with outside organizations- relating to their pathways- in order to take part…

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Pennies for Powell: Putting a face onto an ARS cancer survivor

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On March 3rd, (add year here) Mary Elizabeth (M.E.) Powell (9) woke up with a sore throat and didn’t think much of it. She brushed it off, as well as the lack of energy, as allergies. On March 4th, she knew something was wrong. Powell’s energy was drained barely being able to make it from…

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In the spotlight: Students come together to honor Black History Month

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The month of February, also known as Black History Month, has begun. To celebrate the diverse student body and educate each other, a group of students have come together to create presentations and inspirational “Quote of the Day” at end of the day announcements. The high school group has began meeting once a week during…

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On the nose: Students get body piercings despite dress code

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2017 is here, and with the new year comes new trends.  With that, administrators have continued to crack down on uniform violations that come with said trends. Items commonly demerited have mostly been missing school IDs, non-black jackets, and dyed hair. However, one thing that has been more openly addressed since the new year is…

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