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Full bloom: Sixth graders finding leadership through gardening

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The 6th grade gardens are blooming and full of vegetables that are ready for consumption. This can be attributed to Ms. Carey Warner, who has been working to let the sixth graders make an impact. “As far as the green spaces in our campus go, they’re the leaders on our campus in that,” said Ms.…

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Tune in: ARS glee club begins

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The new year is off to a fresh start and the ARS glee club will be starting soon. Claire Moore (7) previously participated in the school musical and is planning on joining the glee club. “I’ll probably learn a lot more about how to sing, because I’ve never been in choir or anything like that…

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The family that plays together: Sister soccer legacy takes place at Ann Richards

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Balancing athletics and academics is an obstacle faced by countless high school students, but the Hruby sisters have got it down to an art form. Collectively, Sofia (class of 2015), Lucia (class of 2017), and Olivia (9) have been involved in almost every sport offered at Ann Richards. Olivia and her sisters have been playing…

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Life in the fast lane: ARS swim team kicks off new season

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After experiencing a change in leadership for the 2017-2018 season, the Ann Richards swim team, unofficially the “Starfish,” has been gearing up for their first meet of the season: the Anderson Trojan Invite. For new and returning swimmers alike, the beginning of the season is a time to set goals for improvement during meets throughout…

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Good-bye Goka: Jeanne Goka’s Last Day as Ann Richards School Principal

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The future starts today: Juniors interview for upcoming internships

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Vania Neri (11) works on her business cards during her STARS class. Photo by Yoselin Resendiz. On Wednesday, April, 19, the Ann Richards Class of 2018 were sent off to conduct annual Junior internship interviews. During this time, the juniors were partnered up with outside organizations- relating to their pathways- in order to take part…

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Signs of the times: an astrological overview

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The concept of astrological (star) signs dates back to the Babylonians in the first millennium BC. The simple split of twelve different “signs” corresponding with celestial coordinates in relation to the movement of stars was later adopted by the Greeks and Romans. Around that same time, Hindu astrologers developed a system called “jyotish vidya,” or…

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Dressing for Success: Juniors wear business formal attire, preparing for internships in May

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Every year, for a few days in April, the whole school watches as ARS juniors strut in business formal clothes to practice for pathway internships interviews. Junior STARS class is a right of passage for Ann Richards students; it is filled with preparation for college entry exams and internships that act as a transition from…

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More than a test: How one teacher helped students prepare for college admissions exam

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Each junior at ARS undergoes SAT and ACT preparation from the More Than a Teacher [MTAT] program during their second semester STARS class. MTAT is provided to students to help them achieve the best scores they can on standardized college entrance exams. Ann Richards is one of the only schools that provides MTAT at no…

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More than a test: how junior STARS teacher helps students prepare for college admissions exam

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  Juniors pile into their ninety-minute STARS class and flip open their white binders to the assigned homework. A woman with shoulder length blonde hair and a Texas A&M lanyard walks around and checks each binder to ensure that their required test prep had been completed. This test preparatory course is available to students to…

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From a running start, Track season continues at ARS

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Track season kicked off with a varsity meet February 18th with a varsity track meet. Distance runners have been training since November with new coach Albert Marino. Marino is very excited for this meet and expects that, “the girls will perform excellently.”

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Taking a stand: Ann Richards students participate in CSEC discussion forum

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Story Dornsife (10) and Bunmi Oni (10) speak as the MC’s at the CSEC discussion forum, hosted by Wendy Davis. Oni also wrote a spoken word piece performed later on in the program, uniquely showing both the victim and the perpetrator’s point of views.   On November 30th, sophomores from  Ann Richards helped guide a forum…

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