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Representation in Animation: What Frozen means to the sister of a kid with disabilities

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I didn’t realize just how special my life was until I saw it on the big screen. When the Disney movie Frozen came out I felt famous. The main character, Anna, (supplement the first “n” for an “h” if you will), not only shared my name but shared nearly every other element of me. Our…

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Full bloom: Sixth graders finding leadership through gardening

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The 6th grade gardens are blooming and full of vegetables that are ready for consumption. This can be attributed to Ms. Carey Warner, who has been working to let the sixth graders make an impact. “As far as the green spaces in our campus go, they’re the leaders on our campus in that,” said Ms.…

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It was the first day of April, and the  students were anxious for the big event to begin. Sitting in the bleachers of the large gym, they cheered the representatives of their advisories on. Those down on the court paraded, waving flags bigger than them as drums pounded, manifesting as a slight buzz in the…

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SISTARS: Sisterhood of the Traveling Schools

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  Sitting in the dark on the cold gym floor during glow-in-the-dark capture the flag was an explosion of the senses. All I could hear were screams and shrieks over the electronic music blasting from the gym speakers. All I could see were the glow-in-the dark bracelets each girl wore around her arms and neck.…

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Ann Richards alumnae reflect on college and coming back

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Twenty-four Ann Richards alumnae trickled back to the place they spent their high school years this morning–only this time they wore visitor stickers instead of plaid skirts. As part of the Ann Richards sisterhood tradition, Alumnae Coordinator Ashley Robinson invited the graduated classes of 2013 and 2014 to return for the second annual alumnae panel to share about their college lives. “I…

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