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Daring delegates: Ann Richards students take on Youth and Government State Conference

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    Claudia Luong (11) takes a bite out of a cookie while waiting outside the Texas State Capitol. Luong competed in the judicial branch in Youth and Government, specifically district court, the highest level of court a team can participate in. Photo by Becca Alonso.
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    From left to right: Charlen Puon (10), Xiemena Sifuentes (10), Eleanor Jeansonne (10), Mia Clark (10), and Sierra Walton (12). Students pose for a picture during the second day of Youth and Government State Conference. All of these delegates worked in the media branch of government, which was divided into three sections: broadcast, social media, and print. Photo by Becca Alonso.
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    Alexis Miller (11) prepares her testimony as a witness before her trial. Photo by Becca Alonso.
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    Ann Richards students hold hands in prayer Saturday morning, looking upon the portrait of former governor Ann Richards. They were headed into their first round of judicial cases. “I feel like Ann Richards is going to guide us through the day. She’s a leader and she inspires me,” Savannah Wallace (11) said. Photo by Becca Alonso.
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    Eleanor Bailey (12) speaks during a legislative session Friday morning. This was her first year in Youth and Government and she has already changed her future plan based on the experience. “I’ve always known that I wanted to be a changemaker,” Bailey said. “I want to help as many people as I can. I was thinking medicine, but I’m thinking politics now. You can only cure one person at a time with medicine, and thousands with politics.” Photo by Becca Alonso.
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    During the worst flu epidemic since 2009 (Wall Street Journal), it’s no surprise the controversial issue of mandatory flu vaccinations surfaced on the Senate floor. The Senate chambers were bustling Friday afternoon at the Capitol as the committee discussed how to efficiently implement a healthy regulation of vaccinations. Photo by Becca Alonso.

The smell of coffee and freshly printed paper wafted through the Renaissance hotel this weekend as 1300 students from all over Texas gathered for the 71st annual YMCA Youth and Government Texas State Conference. 50 students from Ann Richards participated in the event, making for the biggest delegation in the state.

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Alumni day 2018: Question & Answer with Graduates

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Rosalinda Casso-O’hara Class of 2013 Q: How would you define life after Ann Richards? A: Well, by the time we graduated I was like, ‘I’m tired and I don’t know what I’m doing next.’ But college is so much easier than Ann Richards. By the time I had left ARS I had already done Capstone,…

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Jumping in: New beginnings for ARS swim team

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For the first time in ARS history, the swim team is going to not be practicing with Austin High. We started practicing with Austin High swimming at  the Texas School for the Deaf six years ago. Paige Robbins, alumni of the class of 2013, was the first swim team member and the person who started…

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A final message: 12th graders prepare for senior speeches

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Ann Richards is home to many traditions, such as Homecoming or Cotillion, one of these traditions includes senior speeches. Since the school’s first graduating class in 2013, 12th graders have prepared to give a speech to their younger sisters. This tradition has been ongoing for five years and now the class of 2018 is up…

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As good as new: Two perspectives on the new Youth and Government year

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  Wednesday afternoons are one’s that Yoselin Resendiz looks forward to. After the infamously mute school bell rings at 4:35, Resendiz rushes down to Room 150 and into her designated spot next to her Youth and Government (YAG) partner-in-crime Litzy Santana. It is Resendiz’s second year participating in the growing club, but her excitement is…

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Partygoers and Partyno-ers: Which prom stereotype are you?

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With prom season in full swing, try to figure out which “prom stereotype” everyone falls into. We’re all a little different, and that’s what makes prom so much fun. Which partygoer or partyno-er are you? Read on to find out!   The date bringer So you’re here with a date. If you brought someone, you’re…

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Senior Citizens: Seniors to participate in upcoming presidential elections

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Along with the September 19th presidential debate came the candidate’s final official banter in front of the American people. Some are both excited and nervous to vote in the first election they are able to participate in, including a few seniors at ARS. “Before I could vote, it was just me, my family, my school,…

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Opinions in limbo: Seniors and sixth graders reflect on yoga and Fitness Friday

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Middle schoolers run around during Fitness Friday. Photo by Emily Perez. We all know that one person who loves enjoying the serene environment of yoga once a week and being in the sunlight every Friday. But, we also know the person who wishes with all of their being that neither of these activities were in…

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Senior Sage: Seniors give advice on college applications

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Already, 618 applications have been sent out to 171 different colleges by Ann Richards seniors. Each senior has already been accepted into a two-year colleges and 96% have been accepted at four-year colleges. After completing their college applications, some seniors reflect on their application process and offer tips and advice to future seniors.   Sierra…

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All good things must come to an end: ARS Cross Country seniors run their last race

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ARS Seniors on the Junior Varsity cross country team ran their last high school cross country meet Friday October 16, 2015 at Long Lake for the 2015 District meet. Rewon Shimray joined the cross country team in 8th grade and has since made many close friends among her teammates, some of whom she claims she…

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Class of 2016 Interactive College Map

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Visiting Hours: Colleges fly out ARS seniors for exclusive visits

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Senior Perla Grimaldo-Ramirez felt the plane pickup speed, and suddenly she was in the air and flying west. Way west. In fact, she was blazing a trail to California, where Pomona College, a top liberal arts school (and one of Grimaldo’s first choices), is situated. “Pomona is a school I’ve been interested in for a…

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