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Kickin’ it: Senior STARS starts self-defense

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  Following the presentation of their Capstone projects at the South Lamar Alamo Drafthouse on April 10th, the senior class looked forward to a spring semester “slide” with a minimum amount of work and a maximum of relaxation. However, the 12th grade STARS curriculum has different plans. Over the next few weeks, the class will…

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How to Prepare for College: for Smarties

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As a senior, I realized that there are aspects of applying to college that you do not hear from advisors or parents, or you hear it but it is not emphasized or paid attention to. These are things that only a senior in March, or a current college student, might tell you. I hope reading…

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The grand finale: Reflecting on my senior year experience

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If you compared what I thought my senior year was going to look like back in third grade, sixth grade, ninth grade, and what it is today, you would have three dreams and a harsh reality. In the third grade, I had a few senior year goals: go to prom, get a car,  and get…

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Down South: Senior embarks on research trip to Chile and Antarctica

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Lucia Hruby, a senior at Ann Richards, was one of the four selected from hundreds of American student applicants to go on a two-week trip to Antarctica and Chile to learn more about polar science and climate change, among other environmental topics. The program was organized by Dartmouth, funded by the National Science Foundation. “This…

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Senior Citizens: ARS seniors to participate in upcoming 2016 election

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Presidential candidates running for the Democratic and Republican parties, respectively. Some senior at ARS are old enough and will participate in the November election. Photo courtesy of  Wikimedia Commons. Along with the September 19th presidential debate came the candidate’s final official banter in front of the American people. Some are both excited and nervous to vote…

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Extra-ordinary: Thoughts from a college interview

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“What challenges you?” The question hit me like a very obvious, and very sudden wall. I took a deep breath, and let the many challenges I have everyday come back to me. First of all, there’s parking. Each time I turn into a fresh lot, I suddenly feel like a hopelessly inexperienced ship captain maneuvering…

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Roycenatica Fanatica: how a student’s life was turn upside down after she a became a Prince Royce fan

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Esmeralda Juarez (12) hugs Latin pop singer, Prince Royce, at a private meet and greet hosted by a radio station, September 18th, 2015. Juarez has met Royce the most times in Houston.   Senior, Esmeralda “Esme” Juarez has criss-crossed the state over six times since 2013 to meet Latin pop singer, Prince Royce. However, while…

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Boots Over Beaches: ARS senior shares experience at basic training for the United States Army Reserves

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Unlike many students who spent time at the beach or on Netflix, an ARS senior spent eleven weeks of her summer at basic training in Oklahoma for the United States Army Reserves.  “I had asked a lot of people if I should do it and they were like, ‘You’re a girl, you shouldn’t do it….and I…

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