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Guess who’s back?: Former ARS teacher Pamela Mathai surprises students in Real Talk meeting

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Real Talk is an organization that focuses on educating the ARS community on social issues and amplifying youth voices through educational dialogue and respect. The organization came to be two years ago after Ms. Pamela Mathai, a former social studies teacher, spoke to students weekly about issues surrounding race that impacted them. Originally, the group…

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Captivating Canines: How therapy dogs improve my mental health

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The pressure that comes with being a high school student is more than one can explain. The four years of constant homework, tests, projects, and midterms start to pile up and at times feels like it will never end. As I begin the last semester of my junior year and start to plan my future,…

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We Matter: Why Clubs Like Real Talk and GSA Amplify Our Voices

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The youth is constantly being spoken over and our voices are not valued when we want to participate in discussions about the issues in our world. When I’ve tried to speak about issues that I’m passionate about with my older peers I have been shut down and told, “You don’t understand it, you’re still young.”…

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A Voice For The Voiceless: How extracurricular clubs stand against the status quo

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There’s not a core class on the injustices minorities face everyday, nor is there a class for the current events that are affecting our everyday life, like the black lives matter movement, Islamophobia, and LGBT+ rights. The Ann Richards School won’t let this stop our students from learning about these issues. Recently clubs like GSA…

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