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Take Care: 18 self-care tips for 2018

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Now that a new semester has begun some students are already feeling the stress and burden of going to school. Sometimes, when things get hectic in our lives we forget to take a step back and just focus on ourselves. In light of the new year, here are 18 tips to improve your self-care in…

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Book your weekend: Six winter reads

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  It’s the perfect time of year to sit down with a warm, steaming cup of tea and open a book as the cold air fogs up the windows. Here are six suggestions of books set in fall, relating to autumn, or that are just really good.   Warcross By Marie Lu Warcross is a…

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One for the Books: Neal connects with wife over literacy

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Kelly Neal first met his wife Lisa Sparkman at the age of six. He was at her grandfather’s house out in the country of Victoria, Texas, his hometown. His father and her grandfather were friends of over thirty years. When Neal went to the home out in Victoria, the first thing he did was plop…

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