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‘Ye or nay: Why Kanye’s wrong about thinking for himself

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One thing that surprises people who know me well is that I love Kanye West. My Spotify account is eclectic at best, ranging from 50’s Motown to 60’s rock to 80’s pop, all the way to more recent music that fits under the general guise of “indie.” Kanye West holds his own special place in…

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Kicked to the curb: Fans threaten to boycott 2018 FIFA world cup

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After many years of criticism on Fifa’s corruption and many reports on the destruction of host country’s economy the festivities for the 2018 Fifa World Cup held in Russia will go on. A few countries such as England and Poland have declared they will boycott the tournament this year by pulling out their teams and…

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In a year: Reflecting on growth since Trump’s inauguration

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A little over a year ago, I was preparing for Trump’s inauguration after he was elected President of the United States. After being filled with raw emotion, I poured my heart into an editorial speaking about what I hoped was to come. In the year since Trump’s inauguration, I’ve noticed a downfall in our society…

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A crippled nation: Venezuela’s political nation and economic turmoil

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Venezuela has been in state of crisis since April 2017. The country has been ravaged with civilian anti-government protests, which have been responded to violently by the Venezuelan military, resulting in many deaths.   Currently, President Nicolas Maduro and his United Socialist Party (PSUV) are the executive power. He succeeded the late Hugo Chavez, under…

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Political demonstrations in Austin, TX

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Blurred lines: The effect of prejudice and opinion on facts

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Different political beliefs are extremely common. We are taught (or at least should be taught) to respect people, even when their beliefs differ from ours. We are taught that freedom of speech is our right and we are allowed to voice our opinions, but when do these teachings begin to harm us? At what point…

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Youth and befuddlement: An ARS senior’s first (and last) YAG experience

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  “Let’s make this conference great again,” the youth governor spoke from his podium into the mic, with a good-natured grin to the conference attendees.   At first I thought the seemingly humorous and light-hearted, knowing references to the current U.S. president’s slogan that were made during opening ceremonies were just that: joking, tongue-in-cheek remarks.…

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You’re Fired: Donald J. Trump fires long time inauguration announcer Charlie Brotman

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After January 20th 2017, Inauguration day, President Donald J. Trump began to make plans for the United States. Charlie Brotman, the man who has announced and introduced every president since President Eisenhower, was not included in those plans. Trump gave Brotman his most famous line, “You’re Fired.” Charlie Brotman was previously known for announcing for…

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Looking at the full image: Spanish teacher reflects on state of Cuba

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During the summer of 2016, Spanish teacher Ms. Liz Schnautz visited Cuba to explore the culture and traditions of the country. “I feel like sometimes the media paints one picture of what Cuba is like, and getting to go there, and actually meet the people, and stay with them, and learn their stories first hand,…

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Fidel fell: Americans react to the death of Cuba’s long- lasting dictator

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Almost every day in the news this week there has been reporting on the death of Fidel Castro; how it is affecting Cubans, mourning or celebrating; how it will affect the U.S. and other political and economic powers; how everything down to the culture in Cuba may change. “It’s a really sad event, because I…

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Breaking Brexit

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Liberals who assumed the United States and England were moving forward politically with them are stunned at the most recent decisions in their countries. “I’m not a [US] citizen yet,” Ben Wright, a British member of staff at the University of Texas at Austin, said. “I actually decided on Wednesday to pull my application. I’ve…

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Keeping it Local: Teachers bring the real world to classrooms

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Ms. Pamela Mathai at a Real Talk meeting. The 8th grade U.S. history teacher tries to tie current events into her classrooms daily. As the school year progresses and election season comes to a close, several Ann Richards teachers have used their classrooms as spaces to discuss political issues and civic responsibilities. Across grade levels, students…

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