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Fresh films: Reviews for award nominated movies

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THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE EBBING, MISSOURI: Gus Flores-Rascon, Beyond Our Walls Editor Writer and director of In Burgess and Seven Psychopaths brings another dark comedy to viewers, this time with the added dramatic intensity of leading actress Frances McDormand. In a small town, grieving mother Mildred Hayes (Frances McDormand) demands justice for her teenage daughter who…

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Moving forward: what to look for in entertainment this spring

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With spring brings the many, many dates for upcoming movies, TV, and music. This spring is the season of comebacks, with artists such as Lorde releasing a new album after years of silence, 13 Reason Why, the popular young adult novel that captured the heart of many students here at Ann Richards, coming back as…

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Festive films: 10 classic Christmas movies to watch this holiday season

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Photo from Travis on Flickr, New Line Cinema, and Warner Bros. In the spirit of the winter holidays quickly approaching, here are 10 classic Christmas movies we all know and love. From the comedy-horror Gremlins, to the nostalgic How The Grinch Stole Christmas, take the time to sit back, relax and enjoy these films. Home…

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Kick it with some classics: Films to watch this Valentine’s season

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Hopeless Romantic Sleepless in Seattle What’s sadder than a cute little eight year old losing his mom? What’s cuter than the same eight year old trying to make his father happy by setting him up on dates? Once the lonely Sam Baldwin, (played by Tom Hanks,) and his son Jonah move to Seattle, Washington Jonah…

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Whiplash Review

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Whiplash: Directed by Damien Chazelle; Starring J.K. Simmons, and Miles Teller. 106 minutes, rated R. Whiplash is a brilliant film, so it’s no surprise that it won 3 Academy Awards, including best actor in a supporting role, (J.K. Simmons) best achievement in sound mixing, and best achievement in film editing. It has sharp acting, genius shot composition,…

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Netflix worthy Halloween films to watch on a full moon

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With the month of October comes breezy nights, pumpkin spice, and a sudden acceptance for the combination of orange and black. After a holiday-less September, being reunited with a whole month dedicated to Halloween festivities is definitely the highlight of the fall season. While shopping for the best costume and trick-or-treating (no matter how “old” you…

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