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A moment of reflection: How mindfulness practices have prepared me for life after high school

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A visitor stepping into the dark small gym, lit only by faint yellow Christmas lights strung on the ceiling, would be pleasantly surprised at the sight of one hundred or so students practicing yoga. However, eleven years ago–when Ann Richards was just in our beginning–the visitor would have been startled and speechless. Over the past…

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Changes for the mind: Ann Richards begins changes to address mental health

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The Ann Richards School is known for its rigorous course work and high academic standards, however students struggle with stress under the high expectations for their performance at school. Throughout the first semester, administration has taken different approaches to ensure the best mental health for all their students. One of these approaches was seeking student…

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Let’s put health first: High school teens are working harder today, and their minds are taking the toll

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Artwork by Danny Armendariz (10). Over the years, school has become more challenging and time consuming for students. According to Business Insider an average high school senior today graduates with around 27.2 credits, while the average high school senior in 1990 graduated with around 23.6 credits. In that time, there has also been an 8%…

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I wanna get better: My personal journey through mental health recovery

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I woke up to a killer headache and the sun shining through my windows, not knowing what had happened the night before. No, I was not hungover, I was recovering from one of the worst mental breakdowns I have had in my life. When I was 12 years old I was diagnosed with clinical depression…

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