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10 of the Funniest Tweets about Trump and Clinton

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LGBTQ+ and their opinions on Trump. 2. The fact that presidential candidates are becoming a joke to teens.   3. When you realize that our country is going to suffer. 4. Making this election seem like it’s a movie. 5. Supporting anybody who isn’t anybody but is anybody. 6. Trump’s looming presence over the debate. 7.…

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What’s the Mememing of This: Students post memes of PSAT questions

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Students nationwide risked getting their PSAT scores cancelled by posting memes and jokes based on the test questions on social media moments after completing the test. On Wednesday, October 14, 3.5 million high school students across the nation sat in their seats and prepared to take the PSAT. PSAT stands for Preliminary SAT, which is…

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