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Where There’s a Weld There’s a Way: The Start of the Welding Club

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In high school, classes can feel creatively limiting to students. With curriculum benchmarks,AP and STAAR tests to prepare students for, there’s little time to learn anything else. This creates a learning environment where students have little opportunity to explore their identity and passions, or learn practical, real-world skills. . In some cases, students decide to…

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Meet Oren: Tinkerer extraordinaire

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Oren Connell is an educator, a maker, and a sailor. You may have seen him around the ARS Makerspace, teaching people how to use equipment. He has been tinkering with things from a young age, and still uses that mentality today to guide everything he does. “I grew up on a small ranch in rural…

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Weekend workshops begin in the ARS Makerspace

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Starting last weekend, the Maker Studio class will host workshops in the Makerspace throughout the semester. These workshops are open to students, parents, and the community, and will teach skills ranging from woodworking to sewing to digital illustration. “I knew that what a Makerspace needed to be was like a place where a community of…

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