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Queer Eye season three: A heartwarming Netflix original

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Netflix Original Queer Eye: More Than a Makeover has taken over the world recently, and for good reason. The show, a reboot of the mid-aughts makeover extravaganza, stars five gay men each in charge of one area of makeover-land. Its predecessor, Queer Eye: For the Straight Guy was focused primarily on making over straight men.…

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Who Am I?: Dissecting Racial Divides Through New Netflix Documentary

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In a world where we have documentaries following a person who claims to be “transracial” I find it particularly difficult to navigate difficult topics such as cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation. This difficulty presents itself at a time that couldn’t be more relevant – mental health awareness month. Trying to unravel and dissect my own…

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Charitable charities: Where are your donations actually going?

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During times of disaster and tragedy, one of the first things people worry about is money. Gas/food prices rise, basic necessities like clean clothes and clean water are out of reach, and thousands of dollars in damages have occurred. The people effected turn towards donation centers to fulfill their needs while they try to rebuild…

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A closeted world: Gay men in Chechnya tortured for their sexuality

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Chechnya, a federal subject of Russia, has been hit with a recent spike in police violence against the gay community, with over a hundred men captured in early April. The men are sent away to secret facilities where they are mistreated and tortured for being part of the LGBTQ+ community.   Chechen leader, Ramzan Kadyrov,…

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The plot thickens: 7th grader wins honorable mention for play-writing

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On Saturday, May 29, Sophie Peloquin (7) was awarded Honorable Mention by the Zach Scott Theatre for a play she wrote, titled Children of Aleppo. The play follows six children in Aleppo, a city in Syria and now one of the largest battlegrounds in the Syrian Civil war, as they try to to escape bombs…

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Censoring the census: Questions on LGBTQ+ status should be in the 2020 census

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6On March 29, the Census bureau gave reports to Congress on proposed 2020 survey questions. For the first time in the history, the survey – which serves to gather national data such as age, race, marital status, and more –  included questions on gender and sexual orientation. However, in a surprising (or maybe not) turn…

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Political demonstrations in Austin, TX

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Transcend: Students delve into transgender student issues

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Now, more than ever, students are becoming more open about exploring their identity and are more comfortable with being their authentic self, but this has come with a big price. Laws such as HB2 , and movements such as the one to repeal the HERO act have had heavy impacts on the rights of transgender and…

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Whose Rights?: Transgender people have rights stripped due to HB 2 law passing

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Kai Bovik (10) walks downtown during Austin Pride with a transgender pride flag. Photo by Lauren Breach LGBTQ+ youth are slowly beginning to gain the freedom and the acceptance of those around them such as the right to marry the person they love regardless of gender, ensuring them a future they deserve. However anti-LGBTQ+laws such…

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LG(BT?): Bisexual and trans people face erasure within communities

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Erasure can be defined as the removal of a person, place, or thing. Erasure has also been modified over time to mean “overlooked” and “ignored.” Over 40% of bisexual people have considered suicide. 75% of transgender youth feel unsafe at school. 100% of people interviewed said that both these groups were erased outside and inside…

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