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How to Prepare for College: for Smarties

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As a senior, I realized that there are aspects of applying to college that you do not hear from advisors or parents, or you hear it but it is not emphasized or paid attention to. These are things that only a senior in March, or a current college student, might tell you. I hope reading…

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Schelling for coins: Student starts business to pay college tuition

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Photo by Maddy Schell. With a bouquet of poinsettias in both hands, twelve year old Maddy Schell walked up to a house that did not belong to her, with only one goal on her mind: to pay for her Camp Champions field trip – all on her own. With her dad’s entrepreneurial skills embedded in…

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Rebelde with a cause: Students watch telenovela to practice Spanish

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It is a Tuesday morning and Viviana Jaimes (11) walks to her 1st period AP Spanish class, minutes after finishing the 15th episode of the telenovela Rebelde. To improve her spanish, Jaimes has decided to watch a new TV show in Spanish called Rebelde, (Rebel in English), during her free time in order to try…

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Lights, Camera, Action: My Media Tech Internship Experience

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This week, the Ann Richards School will be totally void of juniors. Every member of the class of 2016 will spend a whole week off-campus interning at various Austin sites relating to their pathways. Media Tech student Georgia Oldham begins the week’s coverage with a (nearly) hourly report of her first day at KLRU.   6:00…

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