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You Da Mom: A history of Mothers day in North America

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On Sunday, May 13, many will start the day making breakfast and arrange bouquets of flowers and gifts for their beloved mothers. This annual holiday has a rich history including various traditions across North America Mother’s Day was made a national holiday in 1914 by Anna Jarvis, a teacher in West Virginia who thought there…

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In the Driver’s Seat: Women of Saudi Arabia granted right to drive

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On September 26th, 2017, King Salman of Saudi Arabia lifted the country’s restrictions on women driving. The ban was lifted after years of women’s rights advocates pushing for a change in legislation, including,18 years ago in 1990, women protested by driving their cars around until the police stopped them. Women’s rights have always been up…

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Red Alert: Student reactions to election results

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Juniors at Ann Richards spent the night of the election at school, where they watched live coverage of election results, and had discussions about the future of the United States. The juniors are taking an AP United States, so students felt it was crucial to participate in a class lock-in. The following are photos that…

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Banning AP US History in High Schools

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History is a broad concept. The truth of history, if history is even truth at all, is that it quite literally is the study of everything that has ever happened, and how that might affect the future. Last month, an Oklahoma legislative committee overwhelmingly voted yes on a bill that would cut funding and potentially rewrite the course…

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The Spoke unbroken for fifty years

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The year was 1964. Gas cost 30 cents per gallon. The Beatles were embarking on their first world tour. Americans were fighting the war in Vietnam. Neil Armstrong had not yet walked on the moon (and wouldn’t for another five years).  Where the Ann Richards School is today stood a race track. Red Lobster was…

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