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Daring delegates: Ann Richards students take on Youth and Government State Conference

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    Claudia Luong (11) takes a bite out of a cookie while waiting outside the Texas State Capitol. Luong competed in the judicial branch in Youth and Government, specifically district court, the highest level of court a team can participate in. Photo by Becca Alonso.
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    From left to right: Charlen Puon (10), Xiemena Sifuentes (10), Eleanor Jeansonne (10), Mia Clark (10), and Sierra Walton (12). Students pose for a picture during the second day of Youth and Government State Conference. All of these delegates worked in the media branch of government, which was divided into three sections: broadcast, social media, and print. Photo by Becca Alonso.
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    Alexis Miller (11) prepares her testimony as a witness before her trial. Photo by Becca Alonso.
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    Ann Richards students hold hands in prayer Saturday morning, looking upon the portrait of former governor Ann Richards. They were headed into their first round of judicial cases. “I feel like Ann Richards is going to guide us through the day. She’s a leader and she inspires me,” Savannah Wallace (11) said. Photo by Becca Alonso.
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    Eleanor Bailey (12) speaks during a legislative session Friday morning. This was her first year in Youth and Government and she has already changed her future plan based on the experience. “I’ve always known that I wanted to be a changemaker,” Bailey said. “I want to help as many people as I can. I was thinking medicine, but I’m thinking politics now. You can only cure one person at a time with medicine, and thousands with politics.” Photo by Becca Alonso.
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    During the worst flu epidemic since 2009 (Wall Street Journal), it’s no surprise the controversial issue of mandatory flu vaccinations surfaced on the Senate floor. The Senate chambers were bustling Friday afternoon at the Capitol as the committee discussed how to efficiently implement a healthy regulation of vaccinations. Photo by Becca Alonso.

The smell of coffee and freshly printed paper wafted through the Renaissance hotel this weekend as 1300 students from all over Texas gathered for the 71st annual YMCA Youth and Government Texas State Conference. 50 students from Ann Richards participated in the event, making for the biggest delegation in the state.

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