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Just around the corner: Sophomores work on their DAP projects

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  Every year at ARS, the sophomore class has a two month long project for their pathway classes: Biomedical, Engineering, and Media Technology. This project qualifies students for the Distinguished Diploma Plan (DAP). Scoring an 80 or above on the Cornerstone project is also how Ann Richards’ letterman jackets are earned. Here is what some…

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Choosing a path: Five eighth graders on their future pathways

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Selecting a high school pathway has become an inaugural tradition at Ann Richards that all 8th-turning-9th-grade students will go through. Rising high schoolers went between pathway classrooms, Biomedical Science, Engineering, and Media Technology, on Pathway Day to learn more about the programs they will commit to for four years. Here are five 8th graders opinions…

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Working 9 to 5: Juniors reflect on May internships

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During the week of May 15th to May 19th, the juniors embarked onto the annual internships week. Organizations such as Mother’s Milk Bank, Intel, and Planned Parenthood participated in providing an opportunity for students to gain experience in the workplace respective to their ARS pathways. Students had days during the spring semester to practice dressing…

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Just a taste: Students try three pathways in order to choose part of high school curriculum

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On Thursday, February 2,2017, the class of 2021 participated in the much anticipated Pathway Day, where they learned about the three pathways they will commit to for four years: Media Technology, Engineering, and Biomedical Science. The eighth grade students visited the Media and Technology Pathway, taught by Mr. Roger Soden, and learned about the film…

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Just around the corner: Sophomores begin semester long project

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Prisila Samaniego (10), and Claudia Luong (10) work on their Biomedical Cornerstone project. Photo by Leslie Morales.   Cornerstone projects are a big part of the tenth grade year. The project is a Distinguished Diploma plan requirement, a plan that all Ann Richards high schoolers are on, where students work to apply their pathway classes…

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Howdy!: Aggieland presentation leaves student with mixed emotions

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Since the beginning of the August, I have been feeling an intense pressure to get serious about my college search.  The thought of SAT and ACT scores, college essays, and my GPA makes my breathing speed up and my heart beat faster.  Currently, I don’t have any clue what I want to do with my…

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Midcentury modification: Day one as an architecture intern

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This week, the Ann Richards School will be totally void of juniors. Every member of the class of 2016 will spend a whole week off campus interning at various Austin sites relating to their pathways. Learn more as Engineering student Meredith Oldham covers her first day on the job at an architecture firm.   Today was my…

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