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Keepin’ up with the news: Tips and sources for staying updated during the summer

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When you think of summer, your first thoughts are probably not of spending your free days flipping through newspapers and browsing the internet for the latest stories. It’s enough to do your summer reading, updating yourself on what’s going on in the world might seem like a lot of extra work. However, staying up-to-date is…

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Technology 101: Students review new computers used for school work

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At the September 13th high school back to school night, each Ann Richards high school and eighth-grade students were given their own individual Chromebook laptops that were to be used both inside and outside of the classroom. To get a feel for how the Chromebooks have been working so far, the Polaris Press analyzed survey…

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Growing Pains: The class of 2024 completes their first month of 6th grade

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Transitioning from elementary to middle school is difficult for anyone. The end of elementary school can feel like the end of a childhood. You go from spending all day in the same classrooms with the same kids you’ve known for up to five years to being in an unfamiliar building with 800+ strangers and eight…

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Interview: Nigerian-American Sophomore Helen Onuorah Shares Thoughts on Nigeria’s Tragedy

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“That could have been me.” Students throughout the Ann Richards School discuss their disbelief on the matter of the April 15th kidnapping of over 200 Nigerian school girls, however few have the same insight and connection to the news story as high school sophomore, Helen Onuorah. Onuorah is the daughter of two Nigerian expats and…

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