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Take Care: 18 self-care tips for 2018

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Now that a new semester has begun some students are already feeling the stress and burden of going to school. Sometimes, when things get hectic in our lives we forget to take a step back and just focus on ourselves. In light of the new year, here are 18 tips to improve your self-care in…

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Handmade Holidays: Simple do-it-yourself gifts you can create in minutes

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Are you on a budget but want to give your friends well thought out gifts? These ideas are not only charming and heartwarming, but easy to make and super affordable. Hand-decorated ornaments Buying clear plastic ornaments and painting them by hand is the essential homemade craft to give to all of your friends and family.…

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Crafting a Business: Freshman creates an Etsy shop for handmade charms

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Izzy Vergara holds one of her more complex polymer clay creations. She usually names the projects of hers that take longer to make. “When I was younger, I named my stuffed cheetah Spot,” Vergara said, “[When naming my creations] I just think like, ‘Oh, this has roses on it so it’ll be named Rose.’ It’s…

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