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The family that plays together: Sister soccer legacy takes place at Ann Richards

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Balancing athletics and academics is an obstacle faced by countless high school students, but the Hruby sisters have got it down to an art form. Collectively, Sofia (class of 2015), Lucia (class of 2017), and Olivia (9) have been involved in almost every sport offered at Ann Richards. Olivia and her sisters have been playing…

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Purposeful pets: Seniors raise kittens for school project

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One of two kittens the seniors are looking after. Photo by Terra Emerson. A bell jingles. Two pairs of curious eyes look towards the sound. One cat crawls forwards and claws at the feather wand. For two weeks, nine seniors fostered a litter of kittens as their capstone project. They named their project Kitten Kuddling.…

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Prom planning pilgrimage: Seniors plan 2017 prom 

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Prom is a night filled with glitz, glamour and glee as its attendees get dressed up in beautiful dresses and suits. While many students are worried about promposals and what they are going to wear to the event, there are a select few students that begin worrying about prom days prior. These students formed a…

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The grand finale: Reflecting on my senior year experience

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If you compared what I thought my senior year was going to look like back in third grade, sixth grade, ninth grade, and what it is today, you would have three dreams and a harsh reality. In the third grade, I had a few senior year goals: go to prom, get a car,  and get…

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Sore Sports: Cross country runners injured ahead of district race

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Injured Varsity and JV cross country runners work on sustainable strengthening in hopes of running the district race. “I was out for about four weeks. And so I ran twice this past week and my third run of this whole season was this past weekend at the Cedar Creek meet in the two mile. The…

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