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Better than ever: Ann Richards alumni give college wisdom

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  Gus Dexheimer (Class of 2016, currently at Macalester College) “I think my favorite part of college is meal times. Not because the food is good, but because it’s a very social time, and I have always been a social eater. I like to spend an hour or two on dinner. Everyone’s just hanging out,…

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Extra-ordinary: Thoughts from a college interview

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“What challenges you?” The question hit me like a very obvious, and very sudden wall. I took a deep breath, and let the many challenges I have everyday come back to me. First of all, there’s parking. Each time I turn into a fresh lot, I suddenly feel like a hopelessly inexperienced ship captain maneuvering…

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Senior Sage: Seniors give advice on college applications

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Already, 618 applications have been sent out to 171 different colleges by Ann Richards seniors. Each senior has already been accepted into a two-year colleges and 96% have been accepted at four-year colleges. After completing their college applications, some seniors reflect on their application process and offer tips and advice to future seniors.   Sierra…

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GAP Kids: Senior Reminisces on Gap Year Between Elementary and Middle School

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A gap year is defined as a year in which a student takes out of school to take part in a different enrichment activity before continuing their education. For over a million students every year, this gap year is taken between high school and college or even between college and the workplace. However for senior,…

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Class of 2016 Interactive College Map

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The final quest: Three ARS seniors named Questbridge National College Match finalists

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Senior Kimberly “Kim” Olea had been obsessively opening and closing her laptop all Wednesday morning. Sitting at lunch with her left fist balled up, she clicked with her right hand. “I could feel my heart in my throat,” Olea said. With another click, a new page opened. Congratulations, it read. You’re a finalist. Olea screamed…

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Sore Sports: Cross country runners injured ahead of district race

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Injured Varsity and JV cross country runners work on sustainable strengthening in hopes of running the district race. “I was out for about four weeks. And so I ran twice this past week and my third run of this whole season was this past weekend at the Cedar Creek meet in the two mile. The…

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The Pope Scope: US makes provisions for Pope Francis’ first visit

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“Residents need to treat this event like they would a forecasted snowstorm,” New Jersey State Police warned those in the Philadelphia area last month. “That means buy your groceries,  refill critical medicines, complete your errands before that day. Don’t schedule unnecessary or medical procedures during that period.” At the end of the month, thousands of…

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