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Thunberg Brings on the Thunder

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The era of youth involvement is still flourishing, despite the decrease of coverage in the media. Events such as March For Our Lives and other groups formed an advocate for minorities. Groups such as the LGBTQ+ are being led by the youth of today all over the world. Our youth has grown up in the…

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It’s okay to be scared: A reflection on packing my bags and leaving Austin

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In less than a month, I will be graduated from high school. In less than three months, I will be moving away from my mom’s house into a room with someone I have yet to meet. This is not unique to my situation – thousands of people do this every year. Graduation is quickly approaching…

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In a pinch: My experience with change

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My mom and dad sat me and my sister down at a table. Everyone knows what’s going to happen next; rarely, except in movies, do parents act this formally in front of their own children. I was 13 years old at the time, and my sister was 11. We feared the worst, and braced ourselves…

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