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When It’s Off: What does a United States government shutdown look like?

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The Austin Capital Building, built in 1885, serves as the chambers for the Texas Legislature, the Governor’s office, and a popular Austin tourist site. Tuesday, January 23rd ended a three-day government shutdown,, the first to occur in 2018. The last shutdown took place in 2013, ending on October 17th after lasting for three weeks. These…

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Nifty thrifting: Ten things you should know before you start thrifitng

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Clothing at Uptown Cheapskate, one of the top resale shops in Austin. Often times at resale shops you can negotiate prices with shops if you find significant damage. Photo by Becca Alonso. Thrifting: The act of visiting several thrift and resale clothes to find inexpensive, yet fashionable clothing. Thrifting seems to be a hot trend in…

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