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When It’s Off: What does a United States government shutdown look like?

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The Austin Capital Building, built in 1885, serves as the chambers for the Texas Legislature, the Governor’s office, and a popular Austin tourist site. Tuesday, January 23rd ended a three-day government shutdown,, the first to occur in 2018. The last shutdown took place in 2013, ending on October 17th after lasting for three weeks. These…

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Nifty thrifting: Ten things you should know before you start thrifitng

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Clothing at Uptown Cheapskate, one of the top resale shops in Austin. Often times at resale shops you can┬ánegotiate prices with shops if you find significant damage. Photo by Becca Alonso. Thrifting: The act of visiting several thrift and resale clothes to find inexpensive, yet fashionable clothing. Thrifting seems to be a hot trend in…

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