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Juniors in Jackets : Juniors explaining their lettermans

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Every year, the juniors who get an 80 or above on their Cornerstone project, a college level project, get their letterman during the fall semester of their junior year. The letterman jacket has a been an Ann Richards tradition for many years. Each pathway assigns a very different kind of project to their students based…

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Just around the corner: Sophomores work on their DAP projects

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  Every year at ARS, the sophomore class has a two month long project for their pathway classes: Biomedical, Engineering, and Media Technology. This project qualifies students for the Distinguished Diploma Plan (DAP). Scoring an 80 or above on the Cornerstone project is also how Ann Richards’ letterman jackets are earned. Here is what some…

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Just a taste: Students try three pathways in order to choose part of high school curriculum

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On Thursday, February 2,2017, the class of 2021 participated in the much anticipated Pathway Day, where they learned about the three pathways they will commit to for four years: Media Technology, Engineering, and Biomedical Science. The eighth grade students visited the Media and Technology Pathway, taught by Mr. Roger Soden, and learned about the film…

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Giving back: 12th grade biomed students organize campus blood drive

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On January 18, 2017 the senior Biomed class will hold a blood drive on campus for students, teachers and staff to donate blood to We are blood. A bloodmobile will come to the campus where students and staff can go to donate blood during 8:30am-11:30am in the school courtyard. “In order to donate, you need…

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