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On taco tours and loquat trees: My Texan revelation

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In true Austin, Texas fashion, the front door of my house is painted a fading red. Made of hearty old stones, the house has two dormer windows, faces the east, and sits on what is essentially one giant, overgrown vegetable garden. To the left of the red door is a message engraved in the crumbling…

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Fine Arts Friday: New York guitarist entertains assembly

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Brooklyn based electric guitarist Ava Mendoza performed February 26th at middle school assembly. She performed one song at Fine Arts Friday and four songs later in the morning for a larger group of students. “I’m playing with lots of new people I’ve never played with before, so I’m looking forward to seeing what they’re like…

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DRIB Takes Flight: Mysterious Bird Graffiti Migrates Across Austin

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For many artists, graffiti is a chance to say what they want and for their work to be seen. However, graffiti straddles a fine line between “street art” and “vandalism,” and has plagued the US with debates and legislation for decades. Many cities have designated walls for artists to graffiti on; in Austin, we have…

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