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Making the rounds: Campus cop upgrades to circular desk

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On a typical school day, anyone can see security officer Ms. Samara Anderson at her new desk at the front entrance or walking the hallways, or hear her announcing “get to class” and laughing with students. “Being at [Ann Richards] was my first time being at an all-girls school, so it was different, but within…

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Good-bye Goka: Jeanne Goka’s Last Day as Ann Richards School Principal

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The Polaris Mess presents: Hello, hallway – students liberated from classroom environment reflect on the diverse learning experience

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Facing a steady increase in both the student population and the number of rodent-infested classrooms, Ann Richards Stars have intrepidly taken their education to the streets, or, more specifically, the hallways. Hallway classrooms have become a new craze, possibly signaling the twilight of the time-honored ARS tradition: the ‘traveling classroom’. Some have referred to the…

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Better than ever: Ann Richards alumni give college wisdom

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  Gus Dexheimer (Class of 2016, currently at Macalester College) “I think my favorite part of college is meal times. Not because the food is good, but because it’s a very social time, and I have always been a social eater. I like to spend an hour or two on dinner. Everyone’s just hanging out,…

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Second Guessing

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Using Reddit, Youtube, and BuzzFeed, conspiracy theories have been able to run wild in the new age of social media. Amidst theories doubting Hitler’s death, 9/11 being an inside job, and Beyonce having a clone, one theory in particular has reached many ARS students: The Mandela Effect.   This phenomenon uses the convergence of parallel…

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Dancing queens: Starlettes get a fresh start with new sponsors

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The Ann Richards dance team acquires two new dance sponsors- middle school english teacher, Ms. Danielle Willie and STARS teacher Ms. Doy Roberts- after former dance teacher, Holly Schimdt, leaves for the 2016-2017 school year. “I knew the girls needed a sponsor,” Ms. Willie said. “Some of them have been part of the dance team…

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ARS High School Volleyball 2016-2017

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ARS high school volleyball team schedules and rosters for the 2016-2107 school year.

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Geniuses in the making: ARS amps up tutoring

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NHS Member Asha Mani (11) helps Brenda Auila (8) with math homework. Mani was the designated tutor for Genius Hour February 16 and helped many Homework Haven regulars with math assignments.  Genius Hour and the Writing Lab are two new tutoring programs at ARS that have been introduced this year. NHS has started the Genius…

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Sore Sports: Cross country runners injured ahead of district race

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Injured Varsity and JV cross country runners work on sustainable strengthening in hopes of running the district race. “I was out for about four weeks. And so I ran twice this past week and my third run of this whole season was this past weekend at the Cedar Creek meet in the two mile. The…

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Naomi Shihab Nye visits 6th grade english classes

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Poet Naomi Shihab Nye visited Ann Richards and helped 6th graders do workshops on Thursday, February 12 and Friday, February 13. 6th graders have been studying poetry since the beginning of the new semester, and will soon complete a poetry portfolio. Nye said she has been doing workshops at Ann Richards for many years. “I’ve come every time they’ve…

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Seniors perform their last first choir performance

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  The Fall Concert, last Monday October 20th, launched the choir program for the 2014-2015 school year. For a majority of the senior choir students, this is their fifth or sixth year performing for the choir. “I started in sixth grade,” said senior Toni Akunebu. “[Now], I am definitely more confident.” Experience and the support from peers help students overcome their…

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