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Wild, Wild, West: Students’ perspectives on the West Austin Studio Tour and future art events

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On May 12, 2018, from 10 a.m.-3 p.m., student artists, musicians, performers, and supporters gathered throughout the halls of the Ann Richards School to commemorate the fine arts celebration that is the West Austin Studio tour. Incorporating both student work and local Austin artists, this is the second year the spring event has been hosted…

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The Polaris Mess presents: Hello, hallway – students liberated from classroom environment reflect on the diverse learning experience

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Facing a steady increase in both the student population and the number of rodent-infested classrooms, Ann Richards Stars have intrepidly taken their education to the streets, or, more specifically, the hallways. Hallway classrooms have become a new craze, possibly signaling the twilight of the time-honored ARS tradition: the ‘traveling classroom’. Some have referred to the…

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A plus on AP: Ten study tips for Advanced Placement tests

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With the end of the year comes the pressure and stress of standardized testing. High school students are planning to take Advanced Placement (AP) tests, which are administered by the College Board within the first two weeks of May. Depending on a student’s score, they have the potential to receive college credit, or enroll in…

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Penciled in: Art students create calendar for fundraiser

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Starting this week, and until the end of the semester, the Ann Richards Art Department is selling student-made calendars for a supply fund. “The whole calendar is one hundred percent student designed,” art teacher Mr. Matt Smith said. The theme of this year’s calendar is “Warriors,” and Mr. Smith encouraged the students to include women…

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12 reasons why taking an AP exam is like riding an airplane

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At this time in the year, as a high school junior, I feel like I’ve sold my soul to the College Board. I’ve taken the SAT twice and sat through a total of 4 AP exams, which have, in total, cost about a gazillion dollars. And I have yet to apply to college and deal…

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