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Winning by spinning: ARS colorguard take first in competition

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On Saturday, February 25, the Ann Richards color guard took home first place in district, their first award of the year. The team had practiced every Monday after school and the first B day of the week during class and after school. Some team members have a different approach of preparing for performances, where the…

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Fruits and veggies and vegans, oh my!: Wheatsville’s presence in the ARS community

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It can be argued that the Wheatsville Food Co-Op is the quintessential Austin health food store. Founded in 1976, Wheatsville had served the Austin area for decades and had accumulated thousands of “owners” by the time the second location opened on South Lamar in 2013. This is where the Ann Richards/Wheatsville narrative begins.   Ever…

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Rock On! The history of a history teacher’s collection

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Ms. Devi Puckett’s classroom is unlike any other at the school. The walls are azure blue, tiles are painted with alumnae artwork, and different types of crystals, fossils, and rocks sit by the windows. “They spark my imagination,” Ms. Puckett explained. “They anchor me to the past, like remembering where this garnet came from. Part…

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ARS High School Volleyball 2016-2017

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ARS high school volleyball team schedules and rosters for the 2016-2107 school year.

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Berned out: One supporter’s thoughts on the democratic nomination

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I’ve seen the numbers, read the articles and watched the news. I know Bernie Sanders’s chance of being president at this point is almost zero percent. My dreams of watching the 74 year old political dragonslayer make it to the White House have been cut down faster than you can say “democratic socialist”. Before we…

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Geniuses in the making: ARS amps up tutoring

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NHS Member Asha Mani (11) helps Brenda Auila (8) with math homework. Mani was the designated tutor for Genius Hour February 16 and helped many Homework Haven regulars with math assignments.  Genius Hour and the Writing Lab are two new tutoring programs at ARS that have been introduced this year. NHS has started the Genius…

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Bon temps: French students celebrate Mardi Gras

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Laissez le bon temps rouler! On February 9, 2016, the Ann Richards French classes celebrated Mardi Gras, the holiday before lent known as “fat Tuesday.” “Mardi Gras just makes French a little more here,” Abby Williams, French teacher said. “You can see it, you can see the culture, you can see and celebrate and recognize…

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The gift of giving: Parent Specialist finds joy in helping others

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When the doors of the front office open, one of the first faces you’ll see belongs to Diana Nenque; she’s the smiling woman who’s always ready to help you. But behind Nenque’s friendly exterior is a life that hasn’t always been all-smiles. Nenque was born in Warsaw, Indiana. She grew up on a milking farm…

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Whiplash Review

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Whiplash: Directed by Damien Chazelle; Starring J.K. Simmons, and Miles Teller. 106 minutes, rated R. Whiplash is a brilliant film, so it’s no surprise that it won 3 Academy Awards, including best actor in a supporting role, (J.K. Simmons) best achievement in sound mixing, and best achievement in film editing. It has sharp acting, genius shot composition,…

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