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The family that plays together: Sister soccer legacy takes place at Ann Richards

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Balancing athletics and academics is an obstacle faced by countless high school students, but the Hruby sisters have got it down to an art form. Collectively, Sofia (class of 2015), Lucia (class of 2017), and Olivia (9) have been involved in almost every sport offered at Ann Richards. Olivia and her sisters have been playing…

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Growing Pains: The class of 2024 completes their first month of 6th grade

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Transitioning from elementary to middle school is difficult for anyone. The end of elementary school can feel like the end of a childhood. You go from spending all day in the same classrooms with the same kids you’ve known for up to five years to being in an unfamiliar building with 800+ strangers and eight…

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Taming the Mustangs: Ann Richards middle school volleyball team beats O. Henry Middle School at O. Henry

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The Ann Richards seventh grade volleyball team goes into a team huddle before their game against Covington Middle School. Photo by Sammie Seamon   The seventh grade Ann Richards volleyball team beat O.Henry Middle School on September 24th. “I was actually very proud of our team, because they haven’t beaten O.Henry since my oldest sister [senior…

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