Editor-In-Chief: Sammie Seamon

Sammie Seamon is a senior this year and is super excited to be an editor-in-chief of the Polaris Press! She loves traditional animation and photography and is an overly competitive runner, finding running to be a stress reliever and a time to think. She hopes to one day become a journalist and inform people about political and social issues both in the U.S. and internationally. She feels like she has come full circle from starting in LitMag in middle school and delving into all aspects of journalism, and she can’t wait to see where the Polaris Press will go this year!

Editor-In-Chief: Kaia Newton

You wouldn’t be caught dead wearing Jankos, would you? 90s obsessed sophomore, Kaia Newton, might! The co-editor-in-chief of the Polaris Press can also be seen at marching band practice, tossing around a six-foot flag. Newton’s ideal day is filled with rain, music, doodling, big boggle, and not with one of her five siblings. Kaia hopes to one-day direct music videos and make enough money to own a personal library and a rusty truck. If she had to pick one aspiration in newspaper this year, it would be to help everything run smoothly and learn from her peers.


Section Editors

Entertainment: Lucy Stagg

Lucy Stagg is the entertainment editor on this year Polaris Press staff. Besides her love for writing, Lucy enjoys all things to do with movies, music, and media. She loves to spend her time going to the movies with her mom and teaching herself new songs on the guitar. She hopes to spend her junior year exploring different ways of telling other people’s stories whether that be through videos, podcasts, or photo essays.

Sports: Brenda Avila Moreno


When she is not furiously expressing herself through art and writing, Brenda can be found laughing with her friends about the randomest things. Brenda, now in her junior year, is beginning her second year on the Polaris Press staff, taking on a new role as Sports Editor. Brenda would consider herself as being a straightforward but complex-minded person. Brenda has a passion for history, superheros, and music, and she can’t wait for what the future might bring.

Beyond Our Walls: Daniela Noonan

If you see someone crying while laughing, working on early assignments or reading a thick novel then you are probably around Daniela Noonan. Daniela usually goes by her last name Noonan, mostly because everyone caught on to calling her that. Noonan is the Beyond Our Wall editor, mostly because Noonan forgets there is life outside of ARS and likes to bring that world back into the lives of the ARS students. She enjoys reading, mindlessly watching forensic files and other crime shows, ranting to friends, stalking colleges and genetic programs. Daniela can be counted on to wear cargo pants and call it fashion. She likes to write almost as much as she likes to talk.

Our Voices: Keji Jurkin

Creative Writing: Camille Pfister

Sophomore Camille Pfister is a co-creative writing editor for her second year writing on the Polaris Press. Writing has always been one of her passions. At the age of eight, Camille decided to start writing short stories and her experiences in a journal and hasn’t stopped since. Her favorite activities, other than writing, are spending time with her close group of friends, working on being an ally and advocate, and learning more about the world through her peers and their experiences, as well as be there to support them. As a part of the newspaper staff, she hopes to reach a bigger audience with her writing and learn more newspaper skills. Camille also hopes to expand her writing style and broaden her view of the world by staying updated on current events and reporting about important topics. Her biggest goal for the year is to grow as a writer and help the Polaris Press improve as a newspaper and community.

Creative Writing: Olubunmi Oni

If you hear a voice down the hall, passionately talking about police brutality, poetry, or Voltron, it’s probably Creative Writing Co-Editor: Olubunmi Oni. Or “Bunmi”. She knows you can’t say the whole thing, so for convenience pronounce it “boo-mii.” The “n” is silent. They enjoy making their friends laugh, and learning new scientific concepts in their biology class. In the event that she is not talking, or writing, or laughing, Bunmi is probably reading a YA book to review for BookPeople, a classic for AP Literature. They hold positions in the Ann Richards BSU, Marching Band, UNICEF Chapter, and the NEST Youth Advisory Board, while balancing family, school, and poetry like a circus juggler. They dream of one day living Ohio or west Oregon to write poetry and eat seafood by the seashore with the wind on their skin. Until then though, Bunmi will continue doing all they do for their community for the sake of posterity and kindness, all while laughing.

Audio/Visual: Anabelle Glass

Think of the most random and forgetful person you know. Anabelle Glass, a freckle-faced sophomore should pop into your mind. Glass is in the Media Tech Pathway at Ann Richards. You will probably see her hanging out with her friends in front of the library or in a stairway. At school, Anabelle participates in Youth and Government, Cross Country, and Newspaper. When Anabelle is not at school or with friends she is cooking some delicious grub or doodling on some scratch paper. Anabelle is the Audio Visual editor of the ARS Polaris Press and is looking forward to being an editor in Newspaper.

Social Media: Ahna Stewart

Ahna Stewart is an artist, music fanatic, and avid runner. As Social Media editor for the Polaris Press she can be spotted around school taking photos, conducting interviews, and creating visual content on the computer. Ahna loves vegetarian food, going on adventures, NBC sit-coms, and stalking famous dogs on instagram. She aspires to make the world a more educated place through honest journalism.


Staff Writers

Eleanor Jeansonne

Eleanor Jeansonne’s fate is written out in the stars as: undecided. She enjoys many hobbies including aerial silks, dancing, thrifting with friends, and geology. While the human eye can see a weakling, she has always been fascinated with chiropractic work and massage therapy, something she is considering for college. Eleanor is a sentimental person, given that her favorite book is the 6th grade summer reading option, The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate. Her and her friends favorite way to spend a rainy evening is watching old murder mysteries with actors such as Grace Kelly and Cary Grant. She is looking forward to using newspaper as a learning experience for college writing skills.

Ximena Sifuentes Chavez

As most kids at 6 years old were starting first grade, Ximena Sifuentes-Chavez was migrating from Mexico to the United States. Transitioning from “Feliz cumpleaños” to “happy birthdays” was different for Ximena and lead her to step out of her comfort zone and join a film club in elementary school. Carrying film with her through middle school and into high school, she knew the pathway for her was Media Technology. Creating films and being involved in cinematography is a future goal for Ximena Sifuentes...but don’t think that is the only thing she has in mind. Junior, Ximena has an internship working at a production company and has been working since the start of summer 2018. Ximena is looking forward to giving voices to those who usually don't have one this upcoming year, as a staff writer for the Polaris Press newspaper.

Ivy Moore

Ivy Moore is a proud vegetarian with a passion for Broadway, Dungeons & Dragons, and paranormal investigation shows. He’s not super into dogs but loves snakes, so you can often find Ivy defending his unpopular opinion on topics the universe seems to have already reached consensus on. He joined Newspaper to expand his writing skills beyond young adult book reviews for BookPeople, and so when people ask what sport he plays, he can say Theatre AND Newspaper. Armed with only his massive laptop called Iko and his possibly feral cat, Clementine, Ivy plans to make the world laugh, cry, and, you know, feel stuff as he grows up hoping to join the entertainment industry, whatever that means.

Francis Carbajal-Ramos

Francis Carbajal enjoys creating content ranging from spotify playlists to short films. Thanks to the media technology pathway in school she has had a vision for the film industry. Her hobbies include piano, art and basketball. Francis enjoys cooking, music production, and dancing. Her favorite shows include the get down and stranger things. One thing Francis loves is water, staying hydrated is the most important thing to her. She is looking forward to accomplish her goals this school year such as procrastinating less and being more optimistic. Francis hopes for her junior year to be fun, and she can’t wait to contribute to The Polaris Press.

Samantha Cooke

A grammar enthusiast, you’ll unexpectedly find in the kitchen concocting her new flavors for banana bread or climbing up a rock wall near you. Samantha Cooke’s curly red hair and rosy cheeks are hard to miss amongst her fellow freshwomen in the halls of ARS. You can spot this granola cruncher exploring the trails with her family or training for triathlons. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a handwritten list, a clean room, and a tuned cello, a wise person would say; and so would Samantha. A morning smoothie always keeps her creative juices flowing, Canadian at birth, outdoors at heart, and ARS all the way. Samantha can’t wait to be a new addition to the staff!

Chloe Williams

Imagine a talkative blonde headed girl, sitting on her bed, Snapchatting her sister, cuddling with her dog, and listening to Rex Orange County all simultaneously. Chloe Williams is a freshman staff writer kicking off her school year in Newspaper. She enjoys roller skating, Youtube, and photography. However her core passion is percussion. She has a deep love for music, and has all of her life. Chloe is looking forward to being a new addition to the staff and the 2018-2019 Newspaper year.

Grace Slagle

Grace is a swimming, SNL-loving, violin-playing, left-handed machine! She enjoys singing and will most likely get a super annoying song stuck in your head because she's trying to get it out of her own. She also loves school! When she isn't spending all of her time doing schoolwork, Grace enjoys laughing with her family and playing with her cat, Tippy.

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