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Money Hungry Changes: How Youtube prioritizes revenue over consumers

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In the generation of internet fame, it’s important to trace back the roots of our social media platforms and how they started. A popular video website, Youtube, has been getting a lot of attention over the year for its stars, policies, and how quickly it’s changed from being user first to income first. Youtube has…

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It’s not easy being green; How politics threaten my connection with nature

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I woke up before the morning light could penetrate the trees around me. As I shivered underneath multiple layers of clothing I made tea over a dying fire. Within minutes my family was overlooking Bryce Canyon as the sun rose over it, changing colors every few minutes. As I looked into the ever-changing canyon I…

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Implicitly there: How implicit biases affect students

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Jamie Langley teaches third period AP English. The class is focusing on the lyric Citizen, by Claudia Rankine, which focuses on the issue of racism in America. Photo by Alyssa Cerda. Learning in the classroom is different for everyone. Depending on your background and who you are, the way you are taught could differ from…

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Sex Education: A look into the sex education curriculum in the U.S.A

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Since the 1920’s, sex education has been taught in public schools all across the United States. Most curriculums consist of an abstinence-only education, teaching kids how not having sex is key, instead of how to have safe sex if you choose to have sex. The idea to have a sex education class came in 1913,…

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Jumping in: New beginnings for ARS swim team

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For the first time in ARS history, the swim team is going to not be practicing with Austin High. We started practicing with Austin High swimming at  the Texas School for the Deaf six years ago. Paige Robbins, alumni of the class of 2013, was the first swim team member and the person who started…

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Needing to allocate: Why an imbalance of coverage shows prejudice

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Art by Kai Bovik   Recently our world has seen a lot of tragedies. Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, leaving Houston in floods and devastating the city. While this event hurt and affected many beyond the population of Houston, killing 82 at least, and is tragic, it’s important to note that around the same time as…

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The Polaris Mess presents: Hello, hallway – students liberated from classroom environment reflect on the diverse learning experience

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Facing a steady increase in both the student population and the number of rodent-infested classrooms, Ann Richards Stars have intrepidly taken their education to the streets, or, more specifically, the hallways. Hallway classrooms have become a new craze, possibly signaling the twilight of the time-honored ARS tradition: the ‘traveling classroom’. Some have referred to the…

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Charitable charities: Where are your donations actually going?

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During times of disaster and tragedy, one of the first things people worry about is money. Gas/food prices rise, basic necessities like clean clothes and clean water are out of reach, and thousands of dollars in damages have occurred. The people effected turn towards donation centers to fulfill their needs while they try to rebuild…

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Reasons why not: A look into Ann Richards’ perspective on 13 Reasons Why

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Photo courtesy of  Netflix. On March 31st,  Netflix released a show, “13 Reasons Why,” which quickly gained popularity on social media “I liked the show, it was really addicting,” Valerie Garza (9) said. “But I would probably be aware of who I recommend it to, depending on their emotional stability.” On the show, Clay Jensen is…

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On guns, violence, and the irreversible: 13-year-old accidentally kills himself on Instagram Live

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Photo courtesy of Creative Commons. On April 10th, 13-year-old Malachi Hemphill accidentally shot and killed himself in his room on Instagram Live, a live video feature on the popular social media app Instagram. He had received the gun from a friend at Babbs Middle School, where he attended near Atlanta, Georgia.   On Instagram Live,…

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Partygoers and Partyno-ers: Which prom stereotype are you?

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With prom season in full swing, try to figure out which “prom stereotype” everyone falls into. We’re all a little different, and that’s what makes prom so much fun. Which partygoer or partyno-er are you? Read on to find out!   The date bringer So you’re here with a date. If you brought someone, you’re…

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Final Strech: How to end the year off right

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The final stretch of the school year is here. Summer is approaching and that means finals and the end of year rush. ou may be dragging your feet and your motivation might be dwindling, but drag your feet no longer:here is some advice on how to end the year off right and prepare for finals.…

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