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The Fervent Finland Expedition Week One: Observations, Saunas, and Giant Dandelions

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Moi from Finland! (or Suomi as they say in… well, Suomi!) I have now been in Finland for one week! Well, technically tomorrow will be one week since I arrived in Finland on Saturday. But today it’s officially one week since I left America. This week has been a blast and already an incredible experience,…

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Where In The World Is… World Geography?

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I remember it clearly. Like most bad things that happen in our past, it was on a Monday and it was in the 7th grade. Our french teacher pulled down a map of the world and asked us if we knew any french speaking countries. Of course I did, I knew stuff about geography. My hand shot…

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The Fervent Finland Expedition: Pre-Departure

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As many do when they’re feeling nervous, I’ll start by cracking a few jokes.   Q: What is the difference between an empty stomach and a Finnish person who wants to ask something from a stranger? A: You can actually hear the empty stomach. ———- Q: How do you know a Finnish man is madly…

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Interview: Nigerian-American Sophomore Helen Onuorah Shares Thoughts on Nigeria’s Tragedy

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“That could have been me.” Students throughout the Ann Richards School discuss their disbelief on the matter of the April 15th kidnapping of over 200 Nigerian school girls, however few have the same insight and connection to the news story as high school sophomore, Helen Onuorah. Onuorah is the daughter of two Nigerian expats and…

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AISD Site Blocking: Is It Too Much?

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Every time we try to do research whether it’s for Biology, English, or just trying to read what seems to be an interesting story. This pops ups.         As you can see that would be very frustrating considering the fact that the words being blocked are “murd*r” or  “s*x” (We’ve used ‘*’…

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Big Sister, Little Sister

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Name: Brenda Avila Question: I know this is a big school and all with lots of people, but what happens when you lose a bunch of things over a period of time?   Dear Brenda, When you seem to be losing a lot of your items, you should probably start keeping track of them a…

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Adoption: A Tale of Three Adoptions

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“I was in a basket with a blanket on the porch of the adoption agency,” said Maya Messinger, a sophomore at Ann Richards. Maya was born in China, and at fourteen months was adopted by her now parents. “I was fourteen months old, but it takes forever to fill out adoption papers, so I think…

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Minimum Wage

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In the recent State of the Union speech that President Obama gave, Obama mentioned that one of his goals this year is to raise the minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10. He may have brought this up after many fast-food employees unionized in late 2013. Some corporations are upset about this announcement by the President,…

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Giving (Late) New Years Resolutions A Shot

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This year, I resolved to run for at least 30 minutes every day. I’ve been on and off the fitness bandwagon for years, and this year I was going to stay on. Of course, that requires getting on the wagon in the first place. It was New Year’s day and I had all my running…

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Ask Ann: Shy Girl

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Name: Shy Girl Dear Ann, There’s this girl I like and I want to be her friend but I don’t know how to approach her. Can you help me? Dear Shy Girl, If there is someone who you want to be friends with all you have to do is approach them with a smile. Ask…

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The media, bad news, and what can be done to help

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If you flip on any news channel, or look at the cover of any newspaper you will see bad news. By the looks of the media the world is a place of constant doom: A murder on Apple Street, a devastating car crash, and wallabys have been found to occasionally sacrifice their joeys when in…

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Ask Ann: No Freetime

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Subject: No Free time Dear Ann, Lately I haven’t got any time on my hands for free time. I am always in afterschool clubs, doing homework, or being in school. All I have really are Saturdays. I need all the time I can get for homework, and I am getting tired of constantly working. Help!…

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