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Whose Rights?: Transgender people have rights stripped due to HB 2 law passing

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Kai Bovik (10) walks downtown during Austin Pride with a transgender pride flag. Photo by Lauren Breach LGBTQ+ youth are slowly beginning to gain the freedom and the acceptance of those around them such as the right to marry the person they love regardless of gender, ensuring them a future they deserve. However anti-LGBTQ+laws such…

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The Deplorables: A look at the 2016 elections as canidates race for the White House

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Donald Trump unveils child-care policy influenced by Ivanka Trump. Photo by Michael Vadon. The 2016 presidential race, that started a record of 21 months before election day, has seen unbelievable candidates and campaign strategies that have thoroughly riled up Americans. With Clinton’s chances of winning currently at 93%, the next commander-in-chief will have to face…

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The Final Crash-down: Trump’s sudden struggle for women voters

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Donald Trump speaking at the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland. Photo by Gage Skidmore. Merely two weeks after the tape of Donald Trump talking to Billy Bush about sexually harassing woman, Trump is thrown into yet another scandal. Eight woman have stepped up and claimed that Trump sexually assaulted them,…

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The low down on ‘The Get Down’

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The Get Down, Netflix “It’s about music man. Music is the only reason. It’ll move you forward and open up doors that everyone says are shut. It’ll give you the whole f****** world for free if you just love it and hold back nothing.” -Grandmaster Flash (Mamoudou Athie) In a colorful explosion ‘The Get Down’,…

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A Voice For The Voiceless: How extracurricular clubs stand against the status quo

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There’s not a core class on the injustices minorities face everyday, nor is there a class for the current events that are affecting our everyday life, like the black lives matter movement, Islamophobia, and LGBT+ rights. The Ann Richards School won’t let this stop our students from learning about these issues. Recently clubs like GSA…

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Double edged shield: GOP candidates remain silent about the gun-free Republican convention

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Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump, left, and Sen. Ted Cruz during the GOP presidential primary debate at the University of Miami’s Bank United Center in Coral Gables, Fla., on Thursday, March 10, 2016. (Pedro Portal/El Nuevo Herald/TNS) Where is a good place to tote a gun in accordance with the GOP nominees? Public universities? Yes.…

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Reexamining Exams: Should the ACT and SAT be eliminated?

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Beads of sweat roll down the palms of my hands as I slip into my assigned desk in a classroom, surrounded by twenty other students who I begin to see as competitors.   Knots began to form in my stomach as I try to control my anxiety.  “Don’t stress,” I tell myself.  “Your test scores will…

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Formation under discussion

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On February 6, Beyoncé released a surprise video for her new song, “Formation”, which she performed the very next day at the NFL Super Bowl 50. She also made the song available for download on Tidal following the release. The video contains controversial images: Beyoncé sitting on a sinking police car, a young black boy…

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Embracing my heritage: how a trip to Guatemala revealed a side I never knew

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I am Hispanic and proud. Growing up I was heavily influenced by Mexican culture because my mom comes from a small town in southern Mexico. By the time I was born, six of her brothers and sisters were living in Austin. I grew up celebrating many traditional Mexican holidays, eating Mexican food multiple times a…

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Reasons to Stay: Why ARS is right for you

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We are juniors, so we haven’t graduated yet. We don’t know exactly what the future holds or how what we’re learning now will affect our future selves…but we know it’s going to matter. We’ve been here since our first day of middle school. We’ve been guinea pigs, we’ve been frustrated with event outcomes, and we’ve…

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Spilled Ink: The truth about being a bookseller and 10 ways to be a better customer

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The Barnes and Nobles store that I work at by night. Photo by Willa Smith. People always ask me what it’s like to work in a bookstore. I’ve even had customers ask me if I like working at Barnes & Noble, and they’re always surprised when I tell them earnestly, that I do. Because I’ve…

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Ending the Relationship

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A few months ago I made the conscious decision to end my relationship with my dad. I had felt this way for almost a year before I actually acted on it. For most of my life, my dad and I never had the typical father-daughter relationship. Ever since I was very young, my parents always had…

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