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It’s okay to be scared: A reflection on packing my bags and leaving Austin

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In less than a month, I will be graduated from high school. In less than three months, I will be moving away from my mom’s house into a room with someone I have yet to meet. This is not unique to my situation – thousands of people do this every year. Graduation is quickly approaching…

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Ask Ann: School survival tips and tricks

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Q: I’ve been so stressed out with school lately and when ever I try to talk to them about it they just tell me that school isn’t that bad and to stop being so dramatic. What do you do when your parents don’t understand the stress you are under? A: Not having your parents understand…

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Keepin’ up with the news: Tips and sources for staying updated during the summer

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When you think of summer, your first thoughts are probably not of spending your free days flipping through newspapers and browsing the internet for the latest stories. It’s enough to do your summer reading, updating yourself on what’s going on in the world might seem like a lot of extra work. However, staying up-to-date is…

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How to Prepare for College: for Smarties

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As a senior, I realized that there are aspects of applying to college that you do not hear from advisors or parents, or you hear it but it is not emphasized or paid attention to. These are things that only a senior in March, or a current college student, might tell you. I hope reading…

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Final Strech: How to end the year off right

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The final stretch of the school year is here. Summer is approaching and that means finals and the end of year rush. ou may be dragging your feet and your motivation might be dwindling, but drag your feet no longer:here is some advice on how to end the year off right and prepare for finals.…

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Survival guide: How to survive the holidays in a family tsunami

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It’s the holiday season. We get two weeks off of school to relax and most likely spend some good old quality time with family. This means your grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, the whole shabang. This also means that you might be walking into a lion’s cage of family and friends if you are not on…

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Survive and conquer: Steps to managing midterm madness

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Whether you’re a freshmen taking your first round of midterms or a senior taking your last, we can all agree that end-of-semester exams are easier said than done. Here are some noteworthy steps to surviving this rigorous time. Step one: Prepare Start by making a list of all the things you need to complete before…

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The final push: How to ignite your motivation

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We are now a good way through with the first half of the year. Our motivation level is dragging on the floor behind us, weighing us down. We have hours of homework that we stare at while pressing play on yet another T.V. show. Let’s face it, the lack of motivation around this time of…

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New Beginnings: How to start the year off right

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Audra Kelly (9) works on her geometry study guide. The test was on Friday, Sept 30th,  and Kelly uses extra time during the school day to study and do more geometry.   “I wish I’d known that I needed to prepare myself,” said Helena Weatherford (9). I think we have all been in a situation where we have felt…

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Senior Sage: Seniors give advice on college applications

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Already, 618 applications have been sent out to 171 different colleges by Ann Richards seniors. Each senior has already been accepted into a two-year colleges and 96% have been accepted at four-year colleges. After completing their college applications, some seniors reflect on their application process and offer tips and advice to future seniors.   Sierra…

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