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Not The Real Deal: Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s Campaign Feels Uninspired

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With the 2020 presidential elections coming up, there is much anticipation and pressure to find a candidate to replace President Trump and set our nation on a new course. Because of this new opening in the White House, many democrats are lining up to compete for the position; more than ever before. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand…

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77 Has Never Looked So Sexy: Why You Should Still Feel the Bern

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Photo edited by Ahna Merryman-Stewart. With just a mere year and a half until the 2020 presidential election, nine Democrats have already thrown their hats into the ring while many more are on the fence. To Democrats, moderates, and even many Republicans, the candidate in mind is “not Trump”. So this list of prospectives, including…

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Freshmen College Prep: A Look Into Some of the Freshmen Class’ Scholars

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Turning their focus to the future, the freshmen class of 2022 are already preparing for their college career. Don’t be quick to judge; in transition from middle school to high school, the freshmen have been introduced to a new way of life comprised of respect, freedom, and responsibility, too. In comparison to their earlier years…

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Adventures at the Alamo: Reflecting on Week-Long Internship

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As I was walking down the cold and scary sidewalk of 6th Street, heading to The Ritz and Alamo Drafthouse theater, I saw my friends waving at me from a distance. We were meeting the head recruiters for orientation and to learn the background of the company. In front of the theatre, I saw a…

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Who Am I?: Dissecting Racial Divides Through New Netflix Documentary

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In a world where we have documentaries following a person who claims to be “transracial” I find it particularly difficult to navigate difficult topics such as cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation. This difficulty presents itself at a time that couldn’t be more relevant – mental health awareness month. Trying to unravel and dissect my own…

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Through The Atmosphere: Exploring the Theories of the Universe

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A man by the name Albert Einstein loads a tram-car on the way home from work. The scientist sits in his seat as it rolls away from the station, watching a tower clock turn. He moves farther and farther away, his eyes still fixed on the clock. He theorizes that if he were to recede…

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