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Wild, Wild, West: Students’ perspectives on the West Austin Studio Tour and future art events

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On May 12, 2018, from 10 a.m.-3 p.m., student artists, musicians, performers, and supporters gathered throughout the halls of the Ann Richards School to commemorate the fine arts celebration that is the West Austin Studio tour. Incorporating both student work and local Austin artists, this is the second year the spring event has been hosted…

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Where There’s a Weld There’s a Way: The Start of the Welding Club

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In high school, classes can feel creatively limiting to students. With curriculum benchmarks,AP and STAAR tests to prepare students for, there’s little time to learn anything else. This creates a learning environment where students have little opportunity to explore their identity and passions, or learn practical, real-world skills. . In some cases, students decide to…

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Stackin’ Up to 6A: ARS Compared to Other 6A Schools

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The Austin Independent School District consists of five 6A schools that compete athletically, one of which is the Ann Richards School. The other four high schools at the 6A level are Bowie, Akins, Anderson, and Austin High. To give clarification on what exactly 6A is, it is defined as the highest categorization for all school…

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The shutdown matters: News from Capitol Hill, effects on Americans

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Art by Sammie Seamon. President Donald Trump and Democratic legislators are at a stand-off in allowing Congress to allocate President Trump 5.7 million dollars to build a wall at the US-Mexico border. This is the cause of the longest government shutdown in US history, affecting the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of Americans. About 380,000…

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Juniors in Jackets : Juniors explaining their lettermans

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Every year, the juniors who get an 80 or above on their Cornerstone project, a college level project, get their letterman during the fall semester of their junior year. The letterman jacket has a been an Ann Richards tradition for many years. Each pathway assigns a very different kind of project to their students based…

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Thesis Triumph : Media Tech seniors explain thesis projects

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For the Media Technology pathway senior thesis, students can create a narrative film or a traditional animation. These are projects that they’ve done in previous years in groups, Media Tech students creating animations for their Cornerstones, documentaries during junior year and narrative films in senior year.. Usually, students each direct a narrative film instead of…

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