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The Brand New High School Class

Rebecca Alonso

August 28, 2014

As the school year started this back up, a new set of ninth graders came in, eager for what the new level of school had coming for them. “I thought high school would be just a dream and I would still be in the eighth grade,”...

Students Show Appreciation, Wash Teacher Cars

Elena Gonzalez and Myra Noralez

May 6, 2014

*Go to Instagram (@ARS_Press) and Twitter (@ARS_Press) to see photos from this event* " We should have a student appreciation week," said one six grader as she washed a teacher's car. For teacher appreciation week the Student...

The New Student Orientation

Lina Breining

April 17, 2014

New places can be scary, intimidating, and even frightening. Especially when there are new people, and not many of them that you know. So many new students, such a big new building, and new teachers? Well, today, all the incoming...

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