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Just around the corner: Sophomores work on their DAP projects

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  Every year at ARS, the sophomore class has a two month long project for their pathway classes: Biomedical, Engineering, and Media Technology. This project qualifies students for the Distinguished Diploma Plan (DAP). Scoring an 80 or above on the Cornerstone project is also how Ann Richards’ letterman jackets are earned. Here is what some…

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High Standards: Trump suggests drug testing before next presidential debate

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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have been neck to neck this entire election. This weekend Trump announced that he thinks Hillary should take a drug test before their next debate, stating “I think we should take a drug test prior to the debate, because I don’t know what’s going on with her, but at the…

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We Asked People in San Antonio Who They’re Voting For and This is What They Said

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How My Mom Made Me Realize College is Important

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When I was little, I remember pressing my chubby, small hands against the window, my cheeks smushed against the cool glass, watching my mom’s black Ford Expedition roll into the driveway late at night. I would hear my dad’s footsteps run into my room, and we would watch my mom exit the car and head…

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I want candy: Students and faculty remember Halloween

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Students and teachers reminisce on their favorite Halloween memories, including their best costumes, favorite trick-or-treating moments, and their costume for this year’s fright holiday.

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Igniting the power: Spirit Stick involved in new ritual

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Dakahla Holiday (12) leads the color guard at the UIL competition on Tuesday. The marching band received all superior rankings. “The stick can tell if you don’t commit,” High School Vice Principal Kris Waugh said. The spirit stick, which was created in 2007, the year the school opened, has been awarded to the senior class…

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Born to Trick-or-Treat: Senior born on Halloween

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Yesenia Rosales (12) poses at San Antonio Newspaper Conference. Photo by Sarah Walker.  “I remember my parents told me that when I was born my brother wasn’t allowed to go trick-or-treating because I was in the hospital with my mom,” Yesenia Rosales, senior, said. Rosales was born on Halloween in 1997, and since then her…

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Ready or Not: Soon-to-be legal voters chew over the 2016 Presidential nominees

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Senior Joshua Banja discusses his thoughts on the upcoming 2016 presidential elections. It has been almost four years since the last presidential election, and almost eight years since there has been a new president.    As current high school seniors become adults, they are beginning to form initial opinions on the 2016 presidential elections. “It’s nice to finally…

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On tattoos and electing a president: My call to action

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“Look at it!” said my sister, rolling up her sleeve to reveal her new tattoo, my late grandfather’s signature. Tattoos are relatively popular in my family–my parents have two apiece, there are scattered inked body parts among aunts and uncles, and I’ve always thought that at some point, I too will get a tattoo. Seeing…

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Former mayor of San Antonio announced as potential running mate for Clinton: Locals react

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Juan Capallero discusses his support for Castro on the San Antonio Riverwalk. Capallero is from San Antonio, “born and raised.”   After being endorsed by the United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Julian Castro, Presidential Candidate and Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says she is “looking hard” at Castro, causing many to speculate…

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